Re-releases: "Viva Hate" (Mar. 26, 2012) and "Suedehead" (Apr. 23, 2012)-

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    Morrissey announces News about Viva Hate on the day of lurve! Typical Moz!

    Viva Hate and Suedehead -

    14 February 2012

    EMI Present:

    'Viva Hate'
    Remastered by Stephen Street
    Release date: 26th March 2012


    Record Store Day Single:

    'Suedehead (Mael Mix)'
    Remixed by Ron & Russell Mael
    Release date: 23rd April 2012

    EMI are pleased to announce the release through the classic Liberty label of a remastered version of Morrissey's debut album Viva Hate, and limited edition Record Store Day Ron & Russell Mael remix of his debut single 'Suedehead (Mael Mix)'.

    Upon its release in 1988, Viva Hate announced to the world Morrissey's debut as a solo artist with an outstanding collection of songs which included the singles 'Suedehead' and 'Everyday Is Like Sunday'. The album charted at no. 1, having a chart stay of 20 weeks between March and August 1988, vindicating Morrissey in the face of those who doubted his ability to transcend The Smiths.

    The album has now been remastered by original producer Stephen Street and the artwork - whose photo was changed for an EMI centenary edition in 1997 - has had the original photo restored. In addition, it features 'Treat Me Like A Human Being', which replaces 'The Ordinary Boys', and a written introduction from Morrissey's long-time confidant Chrissie Hynde.

    Previously unseen, stunning photos from Jake Walters and Kevin Cummins adorn the sleeves and booklet. The album will be available on CD and vinyl. The LP version will be a 180g heavyweight, gatefold vinyl, housed in a wide-spine sleeve with a pull-out poster. The CD will be housed in a gatefold, card sleeve.

    Following the album's release, on April 23rd EMI will release a limited edition 10-inch picture disc (Kevin Cummins' photo) of 'Suedehead (Mael Mix)', a remix of the song by Ron & Russell Mael, who have taken the track and given it their distinctive, inimitable touch: the perfect alliance between two artists who have great admiration for each other. The single will be b/w two previously unreleased BBC live tracks: 'We'll Let You Know' and 'Now My Heart Is Full', recorded at London's Theatre Royal, Drury Lane in February 1995.


    Viva Hate LP front sleeve artwork

    Viva Hate LP back sleeve artwork
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    1. Ready With Ready-Wit
      Ready With Ready-Wit
      Why with the Old English Morrissey? Why?
    2. Anonymous
      Why do you comment, WHY??????????
    3. Ready With Ready-Wit
      Ready With Ready-Wit
      Re: Article: Re-releases: "Viva Hate" (Mar. 26, 2012) and "Suedehead" (Apr. 23, 2012)

      I could've made that shit on MS Paint. :straightface:

      I'm sure those stupid Moz Krew goons are going to just lurv it.
    4. Anonymous
      I love anything and everything that Morrissey puts out.
    5. VivaGil
      I just bought an original one on vinyl.
    6. sdsuedehead
      why the hell leave off Ordinary Boys? is it really so hard to add the throw away track to the end of the CD?
    7. Anonymous
      Re-issue ! Re-package ! Re-package !
      Re-evaluate the songs.


      At this point Moz is only re(re)leasing records to pay for his rentboy addiction...
    8. Anonymous
      neat! hopefully the first of many lp vinyl re-issues. bring on vauxhall!!! stupid to not include ordinary boys though... such a stunner! good thing that i own the original (on cassette, cd and vinyl, no less).
    9. Anonymous
      Re: Article: Re-releases: "Viva Hate" (Mar. 26, 2012) and "Suedehead" (Apr. 23, 2012)

      I can't remember the last time Morrissey said, did or wrote anything for which I could feel any respect whatsoever.

      Hang your head in shame, Steven, you fucking hypocrite.
    10. Anonymous
      Re: Article: Re-releases: "Viva Hate" (Mar. 26, 2012) and "Suedehead" (Apr. 23, 2012)

      I love Morrissey, but this comment really made me laugh. He probably DOES have a rentboy addiction, (which is an addiction to male prostitutes), but I still love him, regardless.
    11. Pokey
      God this is getting old.
    12. lostsoul2
      this has to stop ...... i love moz ..but same old gets boring i bought them all from the very start. even i have to stop now
    13. Anonymous
      Re: Article: Re-releases: "Viva Hate" (Mar. 26, 2012) and "Suedehead" (Apr. 23, 2012)

      Yes, the font is bad. Looks pretty amateurish. I don't mind the re-re-releases etc... but make it worth while I don't care so much about "previously unseen" pictures or whatever. I want some alternate versions/acoustic versions, unreleased stuff etc... My only hope is that maybe Treat Me Like A Human Being will be a finished version and not just the demo that was already released last year.

      Oh, and the B-Sides to the Suedehead re-mix, dissapointing...

      But I'll probably still buy them...
    14. Anonymous
      Re: Article: Re-releases: "Viva Hate" (Mar. 26, 2012) and "Suedehead" (Apr. 23, 2012)

      "Fools and their money..."
    15. Anonymous
      for all you haters, don't forget that this record was released almost 25 years ago! for those who bought it when it came out (i did), this fact only make us feel old. but keep in mind that there is a new crop of moz fans who deserve to hear these albums on something better than crap mp3s or hissy old cd's. re-mastering is not the devil people. the only thing that bothers me is his revisionist stance towards the tracklisting... i haven't heard 'human being' but it better be daaaamnnn good to replace 'ordinary boys'! i hope this george lucas shit ends soon... i'd really hate to hear 'oh phoney' in the place of 'driving your girlfriend home'. kudos for bringing in stephen street though! i really don't think i'd bother otherwise.
    16. Anonymous
      Re: Article: Re-releases: "Viva Hate" (Mar. 26, 2012) and "Suedehead" (Apr. 23, 2012)

      I see all of the Morrissey haters were out in full force tonight. Making a mockery of course out of something good that Morrissey did, as usual. Resorting to your evil cruel bullshit. Isn’t it. NME conformists, back stabbing fans. With fans like you things, who needs enemies. Mentioning despicable things. When the truth is that you would like to drink his babies. Being as you can’t, yous are accusing him of using prostitutes while abusing him every chance you can. While he is still a lyrical genius and the most handsome man in the planet.
      You are trying to intimidate him with your anti Viva Hate antics. Tragic really.
      Give it up NME clones. We don’t give a f**k.

      We Are The Same
    17. Anonymous
      Re: Article: Re-releases: "Viva Hate" (Mar. 26, 2012) and "Suedehead" (Apr. 23, 2012)

      you are a f**Ken goon just like the rest of them. Go away!!!
    18. Luke Action McClure
      Luke Action McClure
      Am I the only one who was excited to read about this? So many useless twonks on here, moaning their fucking boring arses off. Piss off, no one likes you. As for the unoriginal prick quoting 'Vulgar picture...' - really?

      I agree that 'Ordinary boys' could've stayed on there. Other than that, no complaints. Will be buying the CD, LP, and the 'Suedehead' picture disc, because it's Morrissey and that is what I do
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    19. Anonymous
      This is really exciting news. Why are you people complaining about it? Everybody on this site is so boring, poo-pooing Morrissey for re-releasing his old material, but you all would likely complain if he didn't re-release anything at all. It's impossible to win with people like you. If it bothers you so terribly much, don't buy it. I'm sure plenty of people who actually like Morrissey will make up for your loss. No wonder Morrissey hates this site, what a load of nutcases.

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