RE: Many thanks to The Smiths


Neil Fowler

It may be a usual email from 30/40's and im sure this site has a world of earing-aid donning flower trouser wearing people, but I dont care cus thank you for the Smtihs. Im almost a baby at 33 however my big haired brothered mates pushed me to like the smith many years ago and they still are great however different and engaging as an adult....? ... but why? I do not know.

Most of my Smiths albums are vinyl and I long ago lost my record player. So listening to them on VH2 at the moment is uplifting and refreshing. Do they still play gigs? My Bro lives up North and anything up there right now would give him a great lift. Any gigs?


Terry Wogan

Oops, let's try that again.

The Smiths, they truly are a wonder.
Never seen the like since.

They are due to play Richard and Judy some time next week- either Wednesday or Thursday- to promote their new album, Screaming Sex Death Romp.

Make sure you set the VCR
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