Rate 'World Peace Is None Of Your Business'

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Rate 'World Peace Is None Of Your Business'

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Kept it simple. Like (positive) 10 songs. Dislike (negative) 2.

10 like divided by 12 total is .83 or 83% positive
For example...

World peace is none of your business
I'm not a man (minus the intro/outro)
Staircase (minus the last minute or so)
Kiss me a lot
Drag the river
One of our own

Not necessarily in this particular order.

Okay as long as you have Istanbul and Drag The River in there.
I’m also rating based on the album as a 12 song work, as that’s how I’ve been listening to it lately since I’ve been spinning the vinyl.
- well played Agharta.

One day - when no one cares, it can be your guilty little secret.
I could send you a copy so this can happen....
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