Rate the new Morrissey songs out of 10 & discussion




1/ I Am Veronica - 7.56
2/ Rebels Without Applause - 7.12
3/ I Live In Oblivion - 7.09
4/ Sure Enough, The Telephone Rings - 6.56
5/ Bonfire Of Teenagers - 5.85

T. H. Auden

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1/ I Am Veronica - 9
2/ Rebels Without Applause - 10
3/ I Live In Oblivion - 7
4/ Sure Enough, The Telephone Rings - 7
5/ Bonfire Of Teenagers 9



1/ I Am Veronica - 7.61
2/ Rebels Without Applause - 7.23
3/ I Live In Oblivion - 7.09
4/ Sure Enough, The Telephone Rings - 6.57
5/ Bonfire Of Teenagers - 5.96


Life is Golden
Oblivion - 7
Veronica - 6
Rebels - 6
Bonfire - 4
Telephone - 2
After hearing four of the songs live (twice), I'd like to change my ratings:

Bonfire - 9
Rebels - 8
Veronica - 7
Oblivion - 7
Kerouac - 4
Telephone - 3

Bonaparte Shandy

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Obviously the studio versions will sound different but after weeks of listening this is my list
  1. Rebel’s Without Applause - 9
  2. Bonfire Of Teenagers - 8
  3. I Am Veronica - 8
  4. I Live In Oblivion - 6
  5. Sure Enough, The Telephone Rings - 6
We agree. SE,TTR is deeply embarrassing for all concerned. It should never be allowed to waste a perfectly good disc of vinyl. While we're here, by the way - even a pair of dopey old queens like Mr Shandy and myself see right through this. The new material just isn't very good so better to frame it as part of the ongoing grudge with the music industry than have it released. It's 2022 - we have that internet thing and that there streaming watch-a-ma-call-it - if it good enough to be released, then simply release it: but it isn't good enough, is it?

Harsh Truth

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even if you dont like bonfire,giving it a 1 or 2 is a bit silly,im not listening to the new songs till i hear the final product where they might sound totally different.
A shit song is a shit song, even if it's by Morrissey.


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After three months and the recently ended tour, I like Veronica more than after the first listenings . But it is thanks to the harmonica part at the end of the song . Miley's vocalizations also irritate me less :eek: . I would give this song a strong 4 now.
KEROUAC'S CRACK I rate at 3 . Not that I don't like this song, the guitar solo is really ok, but as a whole it doesn't convince me yet.

Gregor Samsa

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Rebels 9 - gorgeous guitar pop with touching lyrics

Oblivion 8 - needs more work on the lyrics, but still pretty amazing

Telephone 8 - underrated, like a Ramones or Buzzcocks song, but with lyrics written by bitter old millionaire - in the best sense of the word

Bonfire 5 - endlessly stupid lyrics, quite good vocal melody and arrangement

Veronica 2 - tuneless, and with crappy lyrics about nothing in particular

Kerouac 1 - his worst ever song?
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This Charming Bowie

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After hearing some of em live…

Oblivion - 10
Bonfire - 9.5
Veronica - 8
Rebels - 8 (yay, I really like this one now!)
Telephone - 8
Kerouac - 7

Aubrey McFate

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Sure Enough, the Telephone Rings - 9
Bonfire of Teenagers - 9
Rebels Without Applause - 8.5
I Live in Oblivion - 8
I Am Veronica - 7
Kerouac's Crack - 5


Sure Enough, the Telephone Rings - 9
Rebels Without Applause - 8
I Am Veronica - 8
Bonfire of Teenagers - 8
I Live in Oblivion - 7
Kerouac's Crack - 4


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Rebels - 9/9.5
I Live In Oblivion - 9
Bonfire Of Teenagers -7
Kerouac’s Crack - 6
I Am Veronica - 6
Sure Enough - 4
this very well may change on hearing the proper studio versions, of course. Rebels is purely gorgeous and is one of my recent favorites from him; the elegiac, somber lyrics and the jangly guitar progression make for a warm and touching song. i love it. I Live In Oblivion and Bonfire were complete showstoppers; I won’t begin to comment on Bonfire’s subject matter, but from a musical standpoint i find it to be a haunting, but powerful ballad. the rest are all slight pop songs; not exceptional, but far from terrible. regrettably, i find myself humming the lyrics to veronica, kerouac and telephone quite often.
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