Rare tape from Viva Hate sessions on Omega auctions



MORRISSEY/VINI REILLY DEMO CASSETTE. A TDK D60 cassette tape with handwritten labels (in the hand of Vini Reilly) containing eight tracks, recorded during sessions for Morrissey's 'Viva Hate' album at Wool Hall Studios, 1987. Features rough versions of tracks, some studio conversation. Approx 17 mins worth of material. This item is sold as an artefact only, without copyright. Any reproduction is strictly prohibited.

Theres also a few other Morrissey /Smiths bits and bobs.
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I believe it was commonly thought at the time (2005) that a guest here called 'Dreamer' who shared/leaked these tracks was Vini (especially as he shared these exact tracks and in the order as per the tape).

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