Rare tape from Viva Hate sessions on Omega auctions





MORRISSEY/VINI REILLY DEMO CASSETTE. A TDK D60 cassette tape with handwritten labels (in the hand of Vini Reilly) containing eight tracks, recorded during sessions for Morrissey's 'Viva Hate' album at Wool Hall Studios, 1987. Features rough versions of tracks, some studio conversation. Approx 17 mins worth of material. This item is sold as an artefact only, without copyright. Any reproduction is strictly prohibited.

Theres also a few other Morrissey /Smiths bits and bobs.
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Couldn't that be considered Morrissey's property?


All about the money etc


Pretty cheap for such a rarity.

You have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about, have you?
Just the same comments constantly
“Bring on that tour”
A tour you don’t attend etc ....


Am i wrong by thinking all these have already leaked? So this could have been made just recently.


All of those songs are terrible except hairdresser and it has 'vini vocal'. does not get me excited


All these tracks have been in the public domain for a long time. They're all on You Tube if you fancy a listen.

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It's rare on a cassette but the songs are hardly difficult to get hold of.

It might be from Vini but it's more likely to be a common or garden tape someone made.


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I don't know Vini Reilly. I have zero interest in knowing him.

But if I had to guess. i'd guess that he is probably struggling financially. I have empathy for him. I hope he's ok.
hes been not well for a while.was down on his luck financially,dont think M would mind him doing this if it helps him out.

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Clement Attlee is sad for Vini and for the British ppl. BoJo has to GO.
Clement Attlee was rightly skeptical about the (then nascent) European project. He would likely welcome the current Tory backpedaling from the dire decision Heath took, in 1973. That said, he would be equally—perhaps more—suspicious of their current reasonings (I think).


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Guess all the Viva Hate outtakes have been heard, mostly via this site, maybe Sandy Shaw- the cause against loneliness, but even that is recorded....not much on it what's realy interesting.
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