Rare (previously unseen?) early publicity photos of Morrissey / Smiths by Lisa Haun

I have been collecting press/promo photos recently and stumbled upon this one a few months ago.

Don't remember seeing it before, perhaps some of you haven't either.

Credit on the rear reads Archive/Getty Images, the photographer is not named.

An anonymous person posted:

Photographer is Lisa Haun



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hand in glove

40 per cent papier mache
^^^ Could be, it is one of his pre-gig clips after all.

I always thought it was more about this though...

Well, truth be known, Vince wore it first and Elvis copied the look for his special in '68. However, Gene Vincent (one of Vince Taylor's idols - along with Elvis) also sported the same look around the time Taylor did in '61 or '62. So, who knows...could be both singers that inspired Moz, but with that tan and the absence of the long chain Vince Taylor always wore, I'm inclined to think he's channeling Elvis in those pictures. After all Moz also used his name in red lights, just like Elvis did in the second part of the '68 comeback special. Either way, Moz looked incredible. :)
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