Rare Italian/English Smiths lyric book + postcards


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I am thinking of listing this book on ebay soon but thought i would do an interest check here to see if anybody would be interested in buying this book.

I bought it around 1988, it has all the lyrics for the Smiths albums and Viva Hate. Lyrics are in English and Italian. 8 Picture postcards of single covers came with the book, these are unused. The book is glossy softback.

This book was deleted years ago, I have never seen a copy in any shops and only once on ebay. The one i've seen elsewhere on the net didnt come with the postcards.

Please PM me for any questions or pictures of the book and postcards.


Nice book !
I bought my copy on Ebay a few years ago. I can't remember what I paid but it wasn't cheap !!
Good luck with the auction.
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