Rapper Jake Hill cancels gig after refusing to 'bow down' to Morrissey meat ban at venue

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By Abrahan on Oct 29, 2019 at 4:13 PM
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    A rapper has cancelled a gig because he is refusing to "bow down" to a meat ban imposed at a venue by Morrissey.

    Rapper cancels gig after refusing to 'bow down' to Morrissey meat ban at venue - London Evening Standard
    A rapper has cancelled a gig because he is refusing to "bow down" to a meat ban imposed at a venue by Morrissey.


    Jake Hill, from South Alabama, was set to perform a tour date in Houston at the White Oak Music Hall on October 28.

    Morrissey, former frontman of The Smiths, was also playing the venue in a different area. It is said to be stipulated in his contracts that meat should not be served where he is playing.

    Mr Hill, who has more than one million listeners per month on Spotify, posted a video on Twitter explaining why he had cancelled the gig.

    He said: "If anybody was coming to the show tonight, I'm sorry to tell you it's been cancelled.

    "Soon as we get here we find out that there's a bigger artist playing on the lawn, who is a vegetarian. Which is fine. But he has made a specific contract rule that you can't have any meat in the venue."

    He said he had ordered food, with Chick-fil-A appearing in the background, and then was told he would have to "eat it outside like a dog".

    "This is the twentieth show we've done, we're tired, we wanna relax and eat our food. But apparently god is here but he;s making it to where we can't eat meat," he said.
    "I hate to do this but I'm not about to bow down to this guy, show's been cancelled, I'm sorry."

    He ended with an expletive outburst at Morrissey and said: "F*** you Morrissey, b****."

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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Abrahan, Oct 29, 2019.

    1. Anonymous
      Aghhh! Who is this dumb ass rapper ?? I do not like rap. Rap is for the lowest of the lowest human kind. I hate it by all means and from now I'm not eating chick a file. .
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    2. rifke
      scooter the rapper :lbf:
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    3. !Viva Hate!
      !Viva Hate!
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    4. ThePoliticalRevolution
      I love Morrissey's militancy. I am EXACTLY the same.
      My love.
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    5. Anonymous
      Here's what "DJ Bootybutt" (his label) has to offer:
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    6. Lujan
      Genioo vegan!!!! Tenes toda la razon
    7. marisela
      If I wanted the Gig I would have obliged.. I mean it was not going to kill him not to eat meat for a night..
      HIS bad . He could have even joked about it.
      He just could not....Respect is the word.
      But No! He had to make a big deal about it.
      Now it's all propaganda.
      WE KNOW!
      A N Y T H I N G!!!
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    8. Lujan
      Excelente respuesta marioneta!!! Es asi skinny no puede mas con su obsesion hacia Moz,y si yo soy una de las que le recomendo atencion medica puntualmente psiquiatrica!!!!
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    9. Uncleskinny
      I think you have completely misinterpreted my point.
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    10. Lujan
      Otra vez skinny atacando !!!!! Ese raperito de 4ta esta buscando llamar la atencion nombrando al EMERITO MORRISSEY!! ESTE PIBITO DEBERIA LAVARSE LA BOCA ANTES DE HABLAR DE MOZZ!!!, POR OTRO LADO EL RAP ES UNA MUSICA HORRIBLE, QUE SUERTE QUE CANCELO DE ESA FORMA SE EVITO LACONTAMINACION AMBIENTAL AUDITIVA!!!!! y skinny siempre sos tan redundantee aburridor agresivo y destructivo loq te dijeron vegan y marioneta es excelente ,pero aun asi seguis y seguis me pregunto si yasacaste turno con un psiquiatra como te pedi jajaa te pones en defensa de un pibito insulso que nadie conoce y que es una insolente criatura que quiere promocionar su horrible musica pronunciando el sagrado apellido de Moz!!! Por dios para de una vez tu obsesion y tu estupidez no tienen limites y sabes quee te voy a transcribir una frase que dijo el gran pintor SALVADOR DAlI ,q ademas dudomucho q lo conozcas googlealo asi ves su gran obra, esta frase es como si te la estuviera diciendo MOZ y dice asi= "QUE HABLEN BIEN O MAL LO IMPORTANTE ES QUE HABLEN DE MI, AUNQUE CONFIESO QUE ME GUSTA QUE HABLEN MAL PORQUE ESO SIGNIFICA QUE LAS COSAS ME VAN MUY BIEN!!! DE LOS MEDIOCRES NO HABLA NADIE ,Y CUANDO LO HACEN SOLO DICEN MARAVILLAS" JA JAA NO ES GENIAL!!! Te la deicamos MOZ Y YO QUE VIVA MORRISSEY y MOZ TE ADMIRO MAL !!! skinny LA TENES ADENTROOOO!!! HE DICHO!!!!!!!
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    11. Anonymous
      Who cares if this rapist can't handle meat withdrawal for one night. Vanilla Ice must be tossing in his grave.
    12. Lujan
      Jaja salio repetida la frasee mejor skinny asi te queda bien grabada en tu cerebrito ..y aproposito ¿ ya sacaste entrada para el proximo show de este proyectito de cantante llamado hill?jajaa como me divierto con vos skinny!! Hacete ver... ademas tenes tanta maldad que ardes en el propio infierno q es tu vida sos muyy BERRETA VIVA MORRISSEY EN TODO EL UNIVERSO!!!!! VIVA MY CHUCHISS!!!
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    13. Lujan
      A Mozz lo llamo cariñosamente,y muyy respetuosamente CHUCHIS porque lo admiro mal,y porque toda su vida me da muucha ternura!!!
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    14. marred
      Your points aren't worth misinterpreting.
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    15. gordyboy9
      do you actually think iv got jeans that are fourteen years old,dont be stupid,it was used for the purpose of a joke,you wouldn't know what a joke was as you havent cracked a smile since the day you were born,yer a bore.
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    16. gordyboy9
      no thanks id rather not.
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    17. Morrissey_Sucks
    18. The Truth
      The Truth
      White people are an embarrassment. #FTFY
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    19. The Truth
      The Truth
      True, but this kid probably got paid for this. The alt-white kids that want to listen to rap don't have a lot of choices and homophobia is perfectly "on brand."
    20. Anonymous
      "But apparently god [sic] is here but he's making it to where we can't eat meat"

      Yep that's correct sonny, so do as God says.
      Now fuck off home to your mummy & don't come out again until you're told you can.

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