Rapper Jake Hill cancels gig after refusing to 'bow down' to Morrissey meat ban at venue

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By Abrahan on Oct 29, 2019 at 4:13 PM
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    A rapper has cancelled a gig because he is refusing to "bow down" to a meat ban imposed at a venue by Morrissey.

    Rapper cancels gig after refusing to 'bow down' to Morrissey meat ban at venue - London Evening Standard
    A rapper has cancelled a gig because he is refusing to "bow down" to a meat ban imposed at a venue by Morrissey.


    Jake Hill, from South Alabama, was set to perform a tour date in Houston at the White Oak Music Hall on October 28.

    Morrissey, former frontman of The Smiths, was also playing the venue in a different area. It is said to be stipulated in his contracts that meat should not be served where he is playing.

    Mr Hill, who has more than one million listeners per month on Spotify, posted a video on Twitter explaining why he had cancelled the gig.

    He said: "If anybody was coming to the show tonight, I'm sorry to tell you it's been cancelled.

    "Soon as we get here we find out that there's a bigger artist playing on the lawn, who is a vegetarian. Which is fine. But he has made a specific contract rule that you can't have any meat in the venue."

    He said he had ordered food, with Chick-fil-A appearing in the background, and then was told he would have to "eat it outside like a dog".

    "This is the twentieth show we've done, we're tired, we wanna relax and eat our food. But apparently god is here but he;s making it to where we can't eat meat," he said.
    "I hate to do this but I'm not about to bow down to this guy, show's been cancelled, I'm sorry."

    He ended with an expletive outburst at Morrissey and said: "F*** you Morrissey, b****."

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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Abrahan, Oct 29, 2019.

    1. ACTON
      What a dickwad. Childish prat.
    2. ACTON
      All rappers are.
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    3. Melü
      Who tf is Jake Hill?
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    4. gordyboy9
      iv got jeans older than this guy.looks about fourteen.
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    5. Thewlis
      If Morrissey would say that The Guardian and western civilization would explode with outrage
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    6. gordyboy9
      till tomorrow when theres another wanabee looking for his 15 minutes.
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    7. Melü
      We can just ignore our Skinny legend, you know. Why do we *give valuable time* to people who we’d much rather kick in the eye?
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    8. CrumbsOfComfort
      Morrissey fans are so different now... close minded hateful fuckers.... I wonder what the root cause may be?
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    9. Mozmar
      I don't give a toss about what this 'rapper' thinks/says/does, the time he has his nappy changed, or even what he eats...he can go choke on his chicken for all I care.

      Just like skinny-turd, totally irrelevant as far as I'm concerned.

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    10. AztecCamera
      I reckon what do you expect from a 3rd generation Brittish immigrant hillbilly. Reckon he is probably related to that old lady president of Brittin or that dude with the big ears. No wonder why The California Son hates Brittish people cunt thick chipper curry tit tossey inn nnn n nnnn nn nnn nn n it.
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    11. ordinaryboy86
      so what, who cares who old he is, prob still got more talent & ambition than you. And buy some new fuckin jeans ffs :sick:
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    12. David Mitchell
      David Mitchell
      Who,the kid rapper,I agree.
    13. Anonymous
      OK Skinny/CoC, which bit of that was outwardly racist? He was just telling you what stuff you post on here.
      CoC just about sums you up nicely.
    14. Mozmar
      I read that as being about skinny...
    15. Yakki Da.
      Yakki Da.
      What ?
      No one citing poor ticket sales and using the meat ban as an excuse ?
      Jake not worth it ?
    16. Anonymous
      Who is this snowflake with his schoolboy haircut?
      Why would you listen to anyone who looks like he just finished his biology homework.
      He should be ashamed. A 60 year old man is leading the way in educating people about animal suffering and the impact on the planet then along comes Chippy Minton crying because he can’t eat a dead animal.
      Boohoo your human rights have been violated. What about the life of the animal you are sinking your teeth into ?
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    17. Anonymous
      This is one Jake that Moz won’t be sharing a bed with...
    18. Anonymous
      It's blatantly obvious what the shift is about. Morrisseys whole persona is clearly nothing but to benefit him. People can see that there is nobody else in his mind, there is no regret, there is no remorse, there is nothing going on in his head but what can he do to benefit himself. He doesn't have the first clue about life beyond himself.
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    19. marred
      What a huge loss to the festival.
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    20. marred
      All rappers are an embarrassment. Other than Public Enemy back in the day they're all a bit of a joke.
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