Rapper Jake Hill cancels gig after refusing to 'bow down' to Morrissey meat ban at venue

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By Abrahan on Oct 29, 2019 at 4:13 PM
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    A rapper has cancelled a gig because he is refusing to "bow down" to a meat ban imposed at a venue by Morrissey.

    Rapper cancels gig after refusing to 'bow down' to Morrissey meat ban at venue - London Evening Standard
    A rapper has cancelled a gig because he is refusing to "bow down" to a meat ban imposed at a venue by Morrissey.


    Jake Hill, from South Alabama, was set to perform a tour date in Houston at the White Oak Music Hall on October 28.

    Morrissey, former frontman of The Smiths, was also playing the venue in a different area. It is said to be stipulated in his contracts that meat should not be served where he is playing.

    Mr Hill, who has more than one million listeners per month on Spotify, posted a video on Twitter explaining why he had cancelled the gig.

    He said: "If anybody was coming to the show tonight, I'm sorry to tell you it's been cancelled.

    "Soon as we get here we find out that there's a bigger artist playing on the lawn, who is a vegetarian. Which is fine. But he has made a specific contract rule that you can't have any meat in the venue."

    He said he had ordered food, with Chick-fil-A appearing in the background, and then was told he would have to "eat it outside like a dog".

    "This is the twentieth show we've done, we're tired, we wanna relax and eat our food. But apparently god is here but he;s making it to where we can't eat meat," he said.
    "I hate to do this but I'm not about to bow down to this guy, show's been cancelled, I'm sorry."

    He ended with an expletive outburst at Morrissey and said: "F*** you Morrissey, b****."

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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Abrahan, Oct 29, 2019.

    1. Social Justice Foundation
      Social Justice Foundation
      Rappers have always stood up for social issues like police brutality, equal education access and the horrors of crack. Now Jake Hill has courageously joined this tradition and taken a stand against not being able to eat meat at a concert venue.
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    2. buzburbank
      Wouldn't the 'cool rapper' move have been to defy the ban, chow down on stage, max out the manager's credit card on GrubHub, toss several hundred tenders out into the crowd, and dare the venue to claim a breach? Not like Moz was going to catch a whiff from outside the venue or anything.

      And I would think that--seeing he is from Alabama--eating outside would be a preference, if not a requirement.
    3. Anonymous
      And the word is...?
      No need to be coy.
    4. carlislebaz
      Always first on here to Post as soon as a thread comes in, you must hover over this site waiting and waiting, oh skinny so much to answer for. By all means your position is at the bottom of a toilet looking up, and of course you love it...
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    5. Anonymous
      It's really not that big of a deal.
      Breathe in , breathe out...
      better now?
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    6. Anonymous
      Did Morrissey ever have an impact on your decision and adherence to vegetarianism?
    7. Anonymous
      Pointless story. Lets move on....
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    8. Creepy Uncle
      Creepy Uncle
      WIBBLE !
    9. NealCassidy
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    10. Anonymous
      He gives his opinion and its mostly spot on. He can see that the emperor isn't wearing any clothes.
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    11. Anonymous
      No. He is one more intelligent person denouncing the disgrace that is the criminal Morrissey. Insane dictatorial fascist narcissist racist Morrissey. Stalking for fame. Disgusting man
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    12. Anonymous
      has that fuckhead rapper ever heard of global warming
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    13. gashonthenail
      what a tosser. everyone with a half a brain knows that adopting a plant based diet is the best thing for the human race - for all sorts of reasons. on Moz's part it's called making a stand.
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    14. Anonymous
      Wrong, fuckwit, on all counts.

      He foists, everyday & every which way.
      He opines, he hates, he spreads poison.
      The guy needs sectioning, seriously.
      Take off the skinny-tinted lenses, retard.

      P.S he only does this to increase traffic on this shit site. Happy to oblige from time 2 time however, just to point out his misgivings & provide him with sm reality-based thinking.

      Man's an defiled, utter, anal orifice.
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    15. Anonymous
      Fuck Off:rofl:
    16. Anonymous
      So, in real terms, he folded & did actually bow to the Mozmeister by cancelling. Next non-article skinny, please.
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    17. terrancestamp
      Use Morrissey as a tool like the rest of the moron's (record store, Guardian and countless others). Grab your 15 minutes of FAME. It is fleeting

      Sorry let me call you by your real stage name DJ BootyButt

      No really that is the name he went by.....DJ BootyButt

      NEED I SAY ANY MORE??????????
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    18. Morrissey_Sucks
      Isn’t this called cutting off your nose to spite your face?
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    19. Morrissey_Sucks

      Wait. What? Trans children and sodomy? How does this relate?
    20. Anonymous
      Sounds like a cry baby

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