Rapper Angel Haze wants to collaborate with Morrissey and Marr

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    Dec 6, 2008
    Angel Haze: ‘I’d love to work with The Smiths’ - NME.com

    ‘I want both of them!’ says rapper when asked to choose between Johnny Marr and Morrissey

    An anonymous person sends the link to the original article from The Quietus and writes:

    Zero Past A Hundred: Angel Haze Interviewed - The Quietus


    "Now that you've signed to Universal/Island, labels with no shortage of cash, are there any collaborations that you want to set up?

    AH: Jason Mraz, and I think as far as I'm concerned, and as far as he's concerned, that's been set up. So I'm really excited about that. That's really the only person I have a genuine desire to work with.

    I like The Smiths - I would love to do a song with The Smiths, because they are so sonically different. And they just go into that little rampage where they're just super fucking loud and noisy and I think it would be really cool. I don't know, I'll guess I'll save that for some kaleidoscope theory I have.

    Hang on, who would you have - Morrissey or Johnny Marr?

    AH: I want both of them!

    On the same track?

    AH: Yeah! Maybe I'll just record one at one time and then record the other one, and then they think they did a totally different song when I come out with it. And I'd probably get sued, but still, who cares?"​

    I'm sure she'll get ripped apart by people on here for many reasons, including listing her "rock" influences as Train, New Radicals and Coldplay.

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    1. mcrickson
    2. Pokey
      Yeah well this is DEFINITELY going to happen.
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    3. Anonymous
      Is that her in the photo? Hell's bells! I'll 'collaborate' with you, Angel, even if they won't. Unfortunately, as a black female rapper (with the emphasis on 'black' and 'female' and 'rapper') I think there's about as much chance of Morrissey collaborating with her as there is of him touring Pakistan or China. Don't know if she's any good, but I thought her quip about getting them both by making them think they were contributing to different records was pretty funny!
    4. Bluebirds
      I'd rip her apart. In a nice way
    5. JJKelsall
      Well I don't see why you highlighted black or female, because most of Morrissey's singing collaborations are with women, (Chrissie Hynde, Kristeen Young, Kirsty Macoll) and as for black, his favourite song cover was by a black woman, so there you have it. The only thing that stands in her way really is that she is a rapper, oh and then the case that I doubt Johnny and Morrissey would collaborate even if they did do the recording in separate studios.
    6. mcrickson
      Successful troll is successful.
    7. Anonymous
      "And they just go into that little rampage where they're just super fucking loud and noisy"
      Can someone put this poor woman straight? She's clearly confused The Smiths with another pop group.
    8. markmustb1
      Because he can ! sorry if you're 'whitey guilt' prevents you from saying anything about a (omg) a black person.
      Chrissie Hynde did nothing but a little back up on "my love life" - K Young =nothing -Kirsty Macoll was someone he did actually collaborate with over a few yrs (before her sad passing) so you're "most of Morrissey's singing collaborations are with women" is in fact incorrect~ so there you have it !
    9. mcrickson
    10. Skylarker
      You're clearly totally ignorant of any of their live performances...
    11. mcrickson
      "Loud" I can hear, but I wouldn't really say "noisy." Just an issue of semantics, really. I've been listening to the Pain Teens today.
    12. Guernie
      I'm happy she even knows of The Smiths or Moz and Marr . Love how the music they made keeps reaching out to new generations ! You just got to get the young ones to give One Direction a break and turn the ears to old school . Is 1980s old ??? Gee wiz
    13. JJKelsall
      What the fuck is 'whitey guilt?' I can say what I like about black people, I was just making the point that I don't think Morrissey would take into account the gender or race of the person he was collaborating with. And for the record, Kristeen Young sung vocals on Sweetie Pie and backup on that's how people grow up, Chrissie Hynde also sung on Shame Is The Name oh and then there was duet that he did with Siouxsie Sioux, oh yes and and then there was Let Me Kiss You, which although they did not sing it together, Morrissey and Nancy Sinatra both did vocals for the song and released them as separate singles. Morrissey did backing on Nancy's version. And then of course was the collaboration with Sandie Shaw from the Smiths days. I would say that's a fair number of collaborations and the type of collaborations I was reffering to were only singing, not instrumentation. So there you have it.
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    14. ACTON
      Someone should tell her that The Smiths broke up and that Morrissey probably wouldn't relate too well to someone who has to curse when describing The Smiths. What an ego to think people with genuine talent would want to collaborate with her just because she's the 'next big thing'.
    15. Anonymous
      Yes, poor delicate Morrissey should never be exposed to such foul language.

      I happen to think that she also has "genuine talent".

      She doesn't say anywhere that she thinks either of them would want to collaborate with her. If you really can't understand the jokey tone of her comments regarding recording them separately then there's probably something wrong with you.

      The question was

      "Who would you like to collaborate with?"

      The answer was

      "Morrissey and Marr."

      What an ego...

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