Ranking Moz's non-album singles

Gregor Samsa

I straighten up, and my position is one of hope.
It was released as a seven inch single with I Thought You Were Dead on the b/side...I have it so defo a physical 'thing'!
Thanks for clearing that up!

Famous when dead

Although Record Store Day releases are a 'grey area', Love-To-Be entered the UK vinyl singles chart at #10 - which is still muddy as it needs to be in the overall single's chart to get viewed more as a definitive 'single' release. As it stands, it probably sits closer to special release/limited edition based on the amount physically available more than anything. Just for further headache, it was sold as a digital 'single' with the RSD specific artwork/B-side and the pairing of both songs gave way to the LIHS deluxe art for Lover-To-Be via most digital portals.



1) Piccadilly Palare - 53 pts
2) Boxers - 51 pts
3) The Last Of The Famous International Playboys - 43 pts
3) My Love Life - 43 pts
3) Ouija Board, Ouija Board - 43 pts
6) Sunny - 40 pts
7) There Is A Light That Never Goes Out (live) - 32 pts
7) Interesting Drug - 32 pts
9) November Spawned A Monster - 31 pts
10) Pregnant For The Last Time - 29 pts
11) Interlude - 27 pts
12) Back On The Chain Gang - 21 pts
13) Lover-To-Be - 14 pts
14) Satellite Of Love (live) - 11 pts
15) Redondo Beach (live) - 10 pts
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