Rank the tracks on IANADOAC


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1- My hurling days are done - 8/10
2- Bobby don't you think they know - 8/10
3- Jim Jim falls - 8/10
4- Once I saw the river clean - 8/10
5- Love is on its way out - 7/10
6- Knockabout world - 7/10
7- I am not a dog on a chain - 6.5/10
8- What kind of people live in these houses 6/10
9- The truth about ruth - 6/10
10- Darling I hug a pillow - 5.5/10
11- The secret of music - 3/10



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My top 5 are:

Once I saw the River Clean
I love the poignant and autobiographical lyircs. And the music and the shouts are so eerie and cool sounding. Also, the Irish inspired outro reminds me so much of the fiddle outro to “Baba O’Reilly” by The Who.

I am Not a Dog on a Chain
So good. Love the slant rhymes like “newspapers” with “troublemakers”.

Knockabout World

The Secret of Music

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