Randy Newman mentions Morrissey's political views - The Observer Food Monthly 21/1/18

Randy Newman: ‘I've written a song about Trump and Ivanka – but it needs a little work’ - The Observer
The great songwriter talks about politics, Toy Story and the Smiths – and why he’s never enjoyed the writing process

Extract: "He’s also a huge fan of the Smiths and the kitchen-sink dramas of the 1960s that inspired the band’s aesthetic – Saturday Night, Sunday Morning, The L-Shaped Room, This Sporting Life. Like most Smiths fans, he’s distressed to hear that Morrissey’s political views appear to have taken a rightward turn. “Shame. He’s one of the great lyricists.”
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But how does that explanation rationalise his thinking that his audience were as interested as he was in the possibly fraudulent UKIP leadership election that prevented a raging right-wing islamophobe being put into place? Because that's what he said, and he thought we'd all be as concerned about this burning issue as he was.

And by the way, you meant to say 'compliments', not 'complements'

As a gay man, Islam is not in Morrissey’s best interest.


Randy Newman is a very successful musician, who is critically acclaimed and loved to bits by his many fans for almost fifty years.

no hes not LOL. my neighbor did promotion work for that album he put out years ago about Faust, he said the album LITERALLY sold 600 copies, and its been straight downhill since. he is only booked as a mercy act a multi day festivals. i mean the guy sings like a fing goose.
No legitimate record company has sought to touch him in decades.:squiffy: back years, ago he was known as the king of the cut outs.


There's a quote about using a turd for a paddle that I just can't quite put my finger on somewhere in here.





I don’t care what Randy Newman’s political beliefs are. Why should he care about someone else’s? Morrissey’s political beliefs haven’t impinged in me all that much. I shrug, I think he’s wrong, I move on.

It has meant he has increasingly written some very poor songs, so I don’t listen to them. The times I have vehemently disagreed with him have been on issues of morality more than politics, Utoya being the best/worst example.

For the left, whose entire political creed is now seemingly built on feelings that might be difficult to comprehend.

All politics is built on feelings. All politics is identity politics. Conservative politics is one of the most ardent forms of identity politics; particularly the more negative aspects of tribal identity.

What's surprising is that dedicated conservatives even like Morrissey's music. It would seem difficult to endure the content of his music, and his broader political views, and still maintain some kind of meaningful relationship with it. But hey, that's just me.

I think what bothers you is that someone finds it a shame that someone else holds those political views. There's nothing I can do for you there.

It's not going away, so buckle up.


why do people say its a shame about his political beliefs,hes over 18 and can make his own decision like every other british citizen who is of voting age.

Oh, God, not this shit again.

Everyone gets judged by the values they hold, and how they relate to your own values. It's perfectly normal, and an essential part of society's negotiating process. People are not unfeeling androids.

If values weren't judged, then they wouldn't have much value. Values help us find and build relationships with like-minded people. Now, what you do with your value judgments is another story.

Morrissey's not the only one who can declare his personal values, and get away with it. Why even state them if they're not up for debate? Why is everyone expected to ignore a speaker's thoughts? Declarations work both ways.


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By your own warped standards, that is potentially a little xenophobic.

Yes, it is xenophobic and semiracist statement from Moderator of M-SoLow UncleSkinny.
This person also think it is racist statement: "zašto? pa ovdje možemo pisat na kojem god jeziku poželimo. ili je zabranjeno? nije li to pomalo rasistički od tebe?"
This Moderator should be banned for some time from M-SoLow.


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We need more northerners!


I watched the trailer of this movie and it is so wonderfully shot and the scenery is beautiful. We settled the whole northern vs. southern thing here in the states years ago. You are one nation after all...aren't you? Life is too short to bicker. There is beauty in everything and in everyplace. This is a shining example of this.




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No religion is in a gay man's best interests.
I don't know. I imagine it's easy to cruise those crazy closeted Catholics. There's also a joke about waist high windows in confessional booths somewhere in here, but I'll leave that alone.

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Well said, brother.......:turban:
The Holy Koran speaks through your words. May the Most Merciful grant you a vast array of fruit.

Salaam, Learned Ayatollah Charlie:praying::turban::handpointleft:

I’d rather have the 72 virgins. It is written. It is there. Can you read? Of course you’re not getting them for free.

But if there is one non virgin I would truly feel disappointed. Not.

No big deal as I already feel that way.
Come to think of it, that idea of 72 virgins waiting for me is scaring as hell.
Why can’t I just lay on a sofa and read a nice book by candlelight and just listening to music by The Smiths and Moz? :rolleyes:
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