Morrissey Central "RADIO AIRPLAY 2021" (March 17, 2022)

Where was Morrissey played the most ?


1. USA
2. UK
3. France
4. Germany
5. Italy
6. Canada
7. Chile
8. Switzerland
9. Israel
10. Japan
11. Spain
12. Australia
13. Sweden
14. Mexico
15. Denmark
16. Brazil
17. Mexico
18. Belgium
19. Finland
20. Poland

Which countries gave Morrissey almost no airplay?


1. Jamaica
2. Montenegro
3. Dominican Republic
4. Honduras
5. Bolivia
6. Philippines
7. Thailand
8. South Africa
9. Russia
10. Bulgaria
11. Georgia
12. Guatemala
13. Lithuania
14. Macedonia
15. Indonesia
16. Czech Republic
17. Uruguay
18. Vietnam
19. Latvia
20. El Salvador

SOURCE: BMI Broadcast Music, 2021 summary.
💜 JP, F, ST.

I do not know where Morrissey was played more but one of the places where it is most heard is in my house Buenos Aires Argentina Moz solo And MOZ Smiths all Moz Autobio included that I have not finished reading yet!!! Viva Moz Quiero Bonfire !!!! My Pichulfo Moz!! it represents a lot to my
Or in other words " look I'm an international artist...Apart from in "shithole countries,", where is my deal "
Kinda suprised he's still getting any radio play in the UK. Is this just as a solo artist, or including The Smiths?
France number 3. What a suprise. There are radio programmes I don’t listen to apparently. Viens habiter en France Moz !
Bloody Russia
Slow death day? No obits to report?

The only place Melvis gets play in Canada is the frozen food aisle at the discount grocery store. He gets ZERO radio play here.

Facts and stats, or it’s just more bullshit.
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