R Kelly jailed for 30 years


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That’s a strong sentence indeed. File him away with Glitter, Watkins, Picasso etc


This is literally the end of R Kelly. The guy is in his fifties. He will die in prison, never walking the streets as a free man again.
The concept of rape and child molestation is so weird. I mean…why? How? Why do you wanna f*** someone who’s not into it or you? That alone should make the concept of rape completely foreign to everybody. Not to mention the fact that you’re scarring someone for the rest of their lives… Abysmal and very, very strange.
And, even worse, he’s rACIST !!!
A sick paedophile who was enabled for decades by idiots on his payroll... creeps who should all be going to prison with him. He won't last a year.
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