"stevenage overspill"?



what does that mean?
i think stevenage means steven-age - the years when he was called steven. but whats an overspill?
i have a notion about maladjusted - the song describes a person`s confession as it sounds on the analyst`s couch - "i want to start from before the begining"
and than the analyst says: "there`s nothing wrong with you"
that makes sense, because alain sang that (even though sometimes moz sings the protagonist and his antagonist)

Dr. Moz

> Cor Blimey!

Stevenage is just another noun form of Steven (as in "garbage", etc.), and overspill means too much of himself has come out.

Is this amateur hour?

Union Jackie

> what does that mean?

Sweet Americans,

Stevenage is a town just to the north of London. It's about halfway between the North of the M25 and Oxford (At least that's where it feels like it is - I've only ever passed through on BR). Several recent popular "indie" bands have come from this town (maybe radiohead and supergrass; I can't remember which ones right now, but noone worth loving.)

I've alway's taken that line to be about excess of this type of indie band that owe a lot to the Smiths but never give credit to Morrissey...

or, it could be about the claustrophobic feeling you get in a London suburb. You're overspill, you don't really fit in with the ordinary boys... oh, I don't know, I make it up as I go along.

anyway, Stevenage is a humdrum town and that's all you really needed to know.


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Pashernate Friend

Stevenage is a town that was built more or less solely around the large railway works that sprang up there (cf Crewe). I think "overspill" relates to the fact that in the 1930 - 60s, local town councils cleared the slum areas of towns and cities and built large housing estates on the outskirts, creating urban sprawl and other unpleasant social problems.

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