"Raging Bull", "Rocky III", "The A-Team" and Morrissey

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  1. After watching Martin Scorsese's "Raging Bull" for the umpteenth time last night, it suddenly struck me that if the film was being made now, Morrissey, provided he could put on a lot of weight would play the part very well.

    On the other hand; it is inconceivable to imagine him playing Sylvester Stallone's opponent Mr T. in "Rocky III".

    Although, if you want: "The A-Team" could have been about The Smiths

    Hannibal: Morrissey
    Face: Johnny Marr
    Murdoch: Andy Rourke
    B.A.: Mike Joyce
    Amy: Linder

    "In 1982, a crack-commando unit broke out of Manchester...."

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