Quiz - which member of The Smiths are you?


I am Morrissey,i think its slanted towards everybody being M as the choices are quite narrow.then again there will be some people on here who will be raging if they aren't johnboy marr,i can see it now,skinny you are Morrissey,laptop closed and thrown at the wall.


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Morrissey. thank god, I was terrified I was going to get andy Rourke. I would've felt so gypped.


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Fek reckon mate. Me reckon I got Will Smith. This survey is poppy cock bull ox. How can anyone be Uncle Steve if there are no questions about Steve's loves like basketball, tacos, orange mocha frappucinos, Italian food, jet skis, best sun tan lotion, the Dodgers, surfboards, etc.


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"Womanizing, rude, dishonest, immature" :lbf: would anybody seriously choose that option?
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