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I'm new to the forum, lately i've become obsessed with audio quality, one thing I noticed the song "I know Its Over" from The Very Best of The Smiths sounds much better than the original album Queen is dead. Actually all the songs sound much better than the originals. Is this a remastered or remixed? If so, are they re-releasing all their old albums the same or are they out? Because I would love to have them the sound just sounds like if you were there. in my home surround sound. Thanks in advance.


I don't think the catalogue has ever been remixed, but there have been various remasters - I think the main eras would be as follows:
  1. The original Rough Trade masters (still favoured by plenty of folks as the definitive versions)
  2. When Warners bought the Smiths catalogue in the early 90's they remastered everything. I think 'The Very Best Of' is a different remaster from 2001.
  3. In 2011 Johnny Marr remastered the entire catalogue himself, complaining about the previous remasters. These are the versions that are currently available in the shops.
It would be great to have a definitive list though, where these things can be compared in obsessive detail. I'm sure with various foreign versions, compilations etc, there are dozens of different versions of some tracks out there, especially as in some cases there may have been different remasters arranged for different media (eg CD, vinyl, download). Even though Johnny's attempt was supposed to be the new 'definitive' versions, I think when the 2017 'Queen is Dead' reissue came out, that was yet another new remaster - so there seem to be unending amounts of the buggers.
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