Question about Morrissey's cologne (avignon incense)

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I hate that. I tend to spray the perfume into the air and then walk through it. :D

It also depends on what you're using. By order of weakest to strongest, cologne is first, eau de toilette is next and then eau de parfum.

what i learned and what i practice is...

if you can smell your own cologne,you have put too much on.


I love you. :)

back atcha kid. ;)


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My deodorant is awesome.

It smells like strawberries. :D

I find it highly ironic that Morrissey happens to be on the Carson Daly show where they have a guest who killed a shark, then sat ontop of it. =|

My deodorant rocks.
Only Mozzy can pull off this smell TBH.

EOH's had the pleasure of having sweat-drenched shirt chunks from Mozzy, and they smelled D-lish, but the cologne is not a scent for everyone.

Not something that would turn on "the ladies"

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So outside of Morrissey wearing Avignon Incense, what do you really think about it?

I think it smells good, but it's a bit strong.

i briefly thought about getting some till i realized how many nutters wear it! :p ;) :guitar::guitar::guitar:
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