Question about At last i am born

I just wanted to ask...which lines are new when he is singing it live?I"ve heard some ...for miserable ... i dont know. Sounds pretty interesting to me


the sad punk
I have heard him sing these ones:

instead of "historians note" --> "historians write this down"
"I'm finally bwubwubwu" (that's always funny)
then it sometimes depends: "vulgarians know", "vegetarians know", "mancunians know" ...


Tharr she blows!
I wonder why he chose 'vulgarians' for the studio version? I prefer 'vegetarians', personally.

--the one reason I can think of is that he is perhaps talking about his love life. Maybe what he is saying 'at last I am born', means that he (or the person the song is about) has found a love of some kind (with or without sex) and the he is addressing the 'vulgarians' who speculate and swap gossip about him and his personal life. I don't know, just a little theory I came up with after hitting the 'post reply' button.
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Thank you but i honestly dont know what bwubwubwu means- And i want to know about that part about his teenage years..i didnt quite understand


the sad punk
he sings "bwu bwu bwu" instead of "born born born", strange noises he makes. Just like "i just sit back and yuyuyu" (you should try and get a bootleg recording, you'll hear it then)
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