Queens, NY - Forest Hills Stadium (Sep. 7, 2019) post-show

Discussion in 'Tour' started by Famous when dead, Sep 7, 2019.

By Famous when dead on Sep 7, 2019 at 11:06 PM
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    Post your info and reviews related to this concert in the comments section below. Other links (photos, external reviews, etc.) related to this concert will also be compiled in this section as they are sent in.


    You're Gonna Need Someone On Your Side / Alma Matters / Hairdresser On Fire / I Wish You Lonely / Satan Rejected My Soul / Morning Starship / Wedding Bell Blues / Lady Willpower / I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris / If You Don’t Like Me, Don’t Look At Me / Munich Air Disaster 1958 / Seasick Yet Still Docked / Why Don’t You Find Out For Yourself / That Joke Isn't Funny Anymore / Never Again Will I Be A Twin / Back On The Chain Gang / The Bullfighter Dies / Jack The Ripper / Some Say I Got Devil / Irish Blood, English Heart // Everyday Is Like Sunday / How Soon Is Now?

    Setlist completed via the assistance of @karelMoz

    • Photos by @sachalecca - Rolling Stone / Instagram. Link posted by DubbalinGirl.

    • Link to tweet posted by NealCassidy:

    • "Forest Hills specific T-shirt. There was no poster." - photo posted by docinwestchester:
    • Photo from @just_jennb / Instagram. Link posted by Famous when dead.
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Discussion in 'Tour' started by Famous when dead, Sep 7, 2019.

    1. Anonymous
      I really wish he'd bring back Cliché
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    2. Anonymous
      25th Moz concert for me, stretching all the way back to 1991 at the Liverpool Empire.

      Looked pretty full to me and Morrissey was on good form, really enjoyed it. Highlights for me were Seasick and That Joke Isn’t Funny Anymore.

      Wishes for no.26:

      - drop Bullfighter, Alma and Munich (much as I like Munich - there are other great songs he could sing )
      - drop the Spanish in Everyday is like Sunday.
      - a couple more crowd pleasers wouldn’t go amiss.
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    3. jerrynyc
      that was good
    4. jerrynyc
      my wish is he drop those mostly dreadful cover songs
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    5. countthree
      What do you mean?
    6. Anonymous
      It would be nice for a change if Moz played well you know Morrissey songs?
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    7. docinwestchester
      I enjoyed it. A lot. Interestingly, my highlights were two CS songs. Morning Starship sounded amazing. The Broadway performances were good, but in this expansive outdoor venue it was truly a thing of beauty. And Some Say I Got Devil, which I don't like at all on the album, was surprisingly moving in the live setting. Overall, Moz sounds great, his voice in fine form. Say what you want about the band, but they are well rehearsed and know how to accompany the Mozzer.

      I even liked Jack The Ripper tonight, a song I usually don't want to see on the setlist. Mainly because his voice sounded so good!

      It was an almost perfect night, but for the man on my left who was a LOUD talker, singer, and clapper, often simultaneously. For me, it's painful because I know every fucking sound he makes will be forever archived on the videos that I go through bloody hell to put together. I thought about moving to another seat, but ultimately stood my ground and probably aged a year in the process.

      Regarding the venue, it's one of my favorites. When the weather is good, like tonight, it's a pleasure to be there. As expected, the food was all meat free, but there was plenty of dairy for us cheeseheads, plus lots of pretty delicious looking vegan options as well.

      I have complete audio and video which will be posted here over the next day or two.
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    8. ForgivemeJESUS
      Definitely looking forward to that
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    9. Flibberty
      As Morrissey has just issued a covers album, I don't think anyone can legitimately complain about having a few covers as part of the set. Especially as, by his standards, he is playing longer sets than normal.

      Nice that he is changing things up as well by adding You're Gonna Need.
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    10. ForgivemeJESUS
      Well said. ....bring on more songs from CS
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    11. puckhead
      wasnt full, 3/4 to 7/8 would be my guess. nice venue, beautiful nite. to me it seemed at times his voice wasnt quite right, but got stronger after the first 2 songs. also seemed to be in a slightly higher register. maybe it was the sound mix, or the venue. ive seen MANY moz shows, and thats what i was hearing. agree? disagree?? mostly though, he did sound great. i also could do without the covers, he has far too many spectacular songs that never get played. i truly hoped the intro to everyday is like sunday would morph into trouble loves me, but it was not to be.
    12. docinwestchester
      I'm just now noticing Boz with some nice guitar work in the background (Harmonics I think?)

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    13. Tibby
      Thanks for that docinwestchester. That was really great. I loved Mozzer`s outfit. I can`t wait until it`s my turn to see Morrissey in October. I`m really looking forward to that. It really looked like it was a great show. Also great pictures of the merch.
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    14. Harsh Truth
      Harsh Truth
      Here’s the thing - WHY is he still doing “Munich Air Disaster....”, and “If you don’t like me......”, mid-set? These completely mediocre b-sides that 15% of the crowd know have been trotted out since 2017. In New York. And everywhere. Including at every single Broadway show this past May.

      They don’t exactly bring the crowd up, especially when sandwiched between several covers.

      That said, I thought the show was pretty good overall, with my jaded old self enjoying “you’re gonna need.....” and “satan....” the best. And, oddly, I quite liked “wedding bell blues” and “lady willpower”, because I pretty much dismissed CS after two listens as horrible.

      At least no “world peace...” tonight. But, so much weed being smoked in the crowd that it may as well been.
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    15. Successfulfriend
      He kept changing Paris to,some French phrase but then said he meant something slightly different? (I don’t speak French. At all)

      Something else had a slight lyric change even from broadway. Hmm can’t rememebr
    16. Anonymous
      I live a few blocks from the venue, and it was surreal for Morrissey to be in my hometown! He paid tribute to The Ramones (who are from here and went to my high school) at the very start, though I was surprised he didn't play Judy Is A Punk.

      I thought the setlist was great, with a bunch of songs I've never seen live before: You're Gonna Need, Satan Rejected My Soul (was SHOCKED to hear this!), Joke Isn't Funny Anymore, etc. Would have liked a few less covers, 4 or so seems excessive to me. Not that they sounded bad. Band was rocking like crazy, especially the drummer. Morrissey's voice was fantastic. My friend commented it was some of the best singing he's ever heard ever at a live concert. My girlfriend was hoping for Dial-A-Cliche as that's her favorite Morrissey song and she bought a ticket mainly because he had brought it back in recent shows. Oh well.
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    17. Anonymous
      Sounds a lot than Marr’s pithy version showcased in his current set.
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    18. docinwestchester
      More Boz notes - He's playing theramin at the beginning, then that interesting keypad instrument

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    19. Anonymous
      It is NOOOOO for the green outfit
      Waiting for Vegan Cro’s comment on it
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    20. docinwestchester
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