Punk writer/singer John Robb praises Morrissey- Louder Than War

Punk personality, performer and outspoken vegan John Robb has posted an opinion piece about Morrissey and the Harvest situation over on his music blog, Louder Than War.

The full piece can be seen here:

Why we like the way Morrissey has fallen out with his record label - Louder Than War

The wrap up of the piece (and IMO the highlight) is as follows:

In the 21st century the artist has become the humble servant, treading carefully when the mill owners are around, careful not to say the wrong thing so that the howling and anonymous voices of twitter don’t drown them in contempt and careful to play the game unless the apple cart gets upset.

Morrissey is one of the last of the few who ignores all this and whilst he infuriates many at least he still twitches with life in a humdrum sea of forelock tugging entertainers.

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Actually he's a fking twat

Is he really? That's a shame I've seen Goldblade a few times supporting various punk bands, and enjoyed them, always seems very approachable at gigs I even bought a cd once, not bad. His writing seems to have a positive slant on any subject he takes on, that I always find suspicious in a writer.
Right....and you are so significant...but oh so lonely with your Beefaroni. Not a vegan,

I'm Eric Heartman....I have an opinion. I'm not like John Robb, can't you see? Listen to me, Listen to meeee!

I'm not a bung hole....please.....I want to speak....pleaseeee!

Jo Robb is a Twat. He has been trying to be mates wirh morrissey for years

Very basic is this man

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