"Punk:Attitude" film on More4 tonight, some New York Dolls content


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Hmm I obviously caught the wrong end of this as the programme concentrated on 80s US punk acts in the last hour. And then at the end Nirvana were mentioned and that was lovely. As the underground had finally become the mainstream. Or something.

"It was the counter-culture to the counter-culture" was one line I won't forget in a hurry.

Are US punks really psychotic or something then?

It was interesting to hear about bands that I'd never heard of though..The Screamers? But no mention of the Cramps. One man's freedom fighter is another's terrorist I guess.


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I thought it was a good documentary up until they covered the 1980s and 1990s. To be fair though, punk has been nearly impossible to define since the late 1970s.


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Brilliant documentary, i recommend it to everyone you should buy it it has hours of special features, although admittedly, a lot of commentary is repeated it's a STEAL!!! the next best thing to Jon Savage's England's Dreaming, in my opinion, and I consider myself a punk historian of sorts, the definitive word on the subject. In response to comments the Screamers were a hugely influential but undocumented LA punk band they were just about the first post-Pistols LA punk band and are influential for kick starting the LA scene which produced a score of legends Germs, Dead Kennedys, Black Flag, X, Bad Religion, Social Distortion, etc., and all the bands that were inspired by them (Rancid, Green Day Nirvana.) They are also influential because they used no guitars only synths, probably inspired by suicide, this is especially likely because the lead singer tomata du plenty was originally from new york where he was attached to the factory/cbgbs scence, unfortunately they produced no albums there is only a horribly scratchy/distorted live cd which is hard to find, I have it, but you're not missing much. As for punk being hard to define I think this is because most critics don't understand it because they can;'t see why bad religion is punk and blink 182 isn't, what you need to do to make sense of it is realize punk is a MOVEMENT not merely a genre, thus it's sound is highly mutable, hear the strains of johnny cash in Social D's or X, the hardcore street punk of crass and gbh, hip hop in blondie and the clash, the expirimentalism of suicide and public image, reggae and ska in rancid and the clash. For my money punk is the most wonderful, vital, beautiful thing since rock 'n roll, not to mention it certainly played an influence in Moz's musical development. I think in some ways Morrissey is VERY Punk.

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