Puddles covers "There is a Light" and "Everyday Is Like Sunday"

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by The Seeker of Good Songs, Oct 30, 2018.

By The Seeker of Good Songs on Oct 30, 2018 at 1:43 PM
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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by The Seeker of Good Songs, Oct 30, 2018.

    1. bandrus1
    2. lanterns
      nice. not so sure what to make of this costume though. is this in any way related to their interpretation of the song?
    3. Uncleskinny
      Tune your guitar, clown.
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    4. spineless
      It's lovely that everyone loves this song, don't you think Uncle.
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    5. Tammy Waynette
      Tammy Waynette
      Mike used to be the bartender at a spot I'd frequent when I lived in Atlanta. He's good people. He has managed to turn Puddles into a brand and people love him for it. His voice is nothing short of angelic.
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    6. celibate
      for your kids birthday or other festive parties.
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    7. E Scott
      E Scott
      Nice, puddles is a great name for a clown. Wonder if he visits this forum?
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    8. Orson Swells
      Orson Swells
      It's nice to see Uncleskinny running through some of his favourite Morrissey songs.
    9. mcrickson
      I wonder if Moz would ever bring him on as an opener.
    10. Anonymous
      Maybe to open his tin of cat food
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    11. g23
      He's been doing Morrissey Mondays for about a month? I know he also did I Know It's Over.
    12. PDX Brian
      PDX Brian
      I've seen Puddles 31 times and was sitting 5 feet from him when he filmed this "There Is A Light" video. He's a supremely talented and even nicer guy. He sells out 95% of his shows... never cancels... never phones it in... get's standing ovations every performance... takes pictures and signs autographs for an hour after the show. If he comes to your town, go so him. He's great.... probably not what you'd expect.

      By the way, I've been a lifelong The Smiths / Morrissey fan (34 years) and have seen Morrissey 20-ish times. I'm wearing a The Smiths shirt right now.... just so you don't think I'm randomly pushing Puddles on people.
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    13. PDX Brian
      PDX Brian
      He and his wife are truly some of the nicest people I've ever met.
    14. Anonymous
      Wowsers! That's just tickety boo.

      Him being nice doesn't mean his music will work for me.

      He almost certainly is what I expect.

      I don't value musicians must because they're very nice.

      I want them to air their very souls, to purge their feelings through songs straight from the fucking heart, playing like it's their last day on earth and then have the god given right to play.

      Nice ain't got nothin to do with it

      I'm sure you mean well and all friend, but no thank you. Also, try wearing a non band Tshirt. You're nearly 40.
    15. evennow
      I thought he did a great job on America's Got Talent. He does have a great voice, and it's funny because I was hoping he would have got the chance to do a Morrissey song. Glad to read he is still performing. He seems like a good hang!
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    16. Erik
      It repulsed me, as did the cover
    17. Nicko Manuva
      Nicko Manuva
      Well, it's a USP I suppose.

      Is this what people have to do to get noticed these days? Isn't singing and playing guitar enough? :mad:

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