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I would be very interest from someone from manchester or anyone who did visit manchester in the 70s who had been to these places or having strolled along and pass them by around the time to tell a bit more about it.
I wonder what he meant with it "being too heavy".
what was that like in manchester in the 70s, especially the "Canal Street area"
I'm not originally from Manchester, but lived in there late 80s.

Too heavy means "too much / unbearable".

I bet Canal Street is pick up area in central Manchester.
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The Old Grapes. Just off Deansgate, near the Opera House. Last time I was in there, the walls were totally festooned with photo's of famous friends and acquaintances of Vera Duckworth. I thought the place was bobbins, to be honest.

I was there just before Xmas and I agree with you.


just a few pubs which got mentioned in past interviews
pubs in london
lock tavern (sylvia patterson,journalist met him there "during the britpop years"

dublin castle
a journalist who met him there for a drink in 94 and wrote about it in word mag..
bothe in camden
dont know if these pubs are still running


Dublin Castle (Parkway NW1) is still business as usual.

Not sure about Lock Tavern.

In Camden you can go to Good Mixer and Spread Eagle where are not far from Dublin Castle.


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He mentioned the Little Driver in a Q interview. Have been in there, nothing special at all and on the main road as well.

I always thought he'd have drunk in The Birdcage off Columbia Road.

Its the boozer 'The Queen Vic' in Eastenders is based on and was frequented by the Krays elder brother Charlie every weekend.

Well it was when I was in there :thumb:


I remember reading in some fanzine (back in the day) that Morrissey was often spotted at Camden's The Good Mixer, where Blur were also often seen. I wonder if this lead to the inspiration for Charmless Man. The viddy's quite funny.

I went there a couple of times in the mid-90s. It was kinda meh.

There's a pub called The Morrissey in Vancouver, Canada. "The Morrissey is in your network".

Stephane also said there was a Morrissey STEAKhouse in Montreal!

Too bad about the baby seals.


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At the Move Festival, 2004, at Lancashire Cricket Club's Old Trafford ground, (a stone throws away from Kings Road) Morrissey asked if anyone was going to The Quadrant for a pint afterwards.
The Quadrant is a pub on the roundabout on Kings Road.

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Morrissey was at the same college in Stretford around the same time as me. (I'm a year older than him.) The Quadrant was a big student pub at the time so the chances are that he used to frequent it, hence the remark.
I had many a pint of cider in there on hot afternoons when i should have been in lectures. Maybe he was in there too. Sadly i'll never know.

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I met Morrissey AND the elusive "Jake", at Coach N Horses on the Strip in West Hollywood. 1993. They were both very charming. :sweet:

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Kehoes pub, South Anne Street, Dublin.
Used to drink there in the 90's while living in Dublin.
Saw him there a few times.


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WOW, great pic! I would've been shaking too much to be able to hold a camera.
Did you talk to him or anything?

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The Slow Learner? And quite rightly too! :)
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