Psychology test


This test will determine the importance of your life:

There was a couple Sarah and Jack. They had to cross a bridge to meet up because their houses were parted by a big river.

One day a massive flood hit the town. Sarah was unable to contact Jack, asked Martin who had a boat if he could cross the river to find Jack.
Martin demanded her to pay £10,000 because he would risk his life. She didn't have any money.

Then Chris who also had a boat offered her if he could make love to her he would take her to the other side of the river.
Sarah was in a terrible dilemma, but in the end she accepted his offer.

Chris kept his promise, took her to the other side of the river. Finally Sarah managed to find Jack.

However, Jack freaked out when he found out how she got there, dumped her.
Her effort was wasted, she was in a despair.

Ed, who secretly admired her, approached and comforted her.
Eventually Sarah got married to Ed, they lived happily ever after.

Would you rank the people in this story you like, please?


1 Sarah
2 Ed
3 Chris
4 Jack
5 Martin

I'll give you the answer later. ;)
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Ed, Sarah, Jack, Chris, the other lad..oh, Martin.


I would rate them as follows;

1. Sarah
2. Ed
3. Martin
4. Jack
5. Chris

But I'm thinking maybe Jack shouldn't be so low down, I can understand him dumping Sarah after she slept with someone else.

I mean it's not easy to forgive someone who cheated on you even if they did it to see you, wrong thing done for the right reason but still the wrong thing.
Ed's the only person who committed no offensible crime here. Personally I think Jack should beat the shit out of Chris who offered Sarah a quid-pro-quo in exchange for his assistance and MARTIN WHO HAD THE POWER TO REUNITE THEM THE ENTIRE TIME BUT WHO WAS TOO HELD UP ON COLLECTING MONEY IN EXCHANGE FOR HIS HELP BECAUSE HE'S SELFISH but that's just one person's opinion. Actually, maybe even Ed's a jackass too, he probably busted the dam which caused the river to begin with so he could sneak in and woo Sarah.

Seriously, Sarah's the only victim here, all the rest are assholes. Though she did spread 'em for Chris which wasn't cool. Probably her defences were down or Chris gave her a roofie when he made his proposal. Come to think of it, Jack's a jerk for not empathizing with Sarah's plight.

I hate psychologists.
Thanks for your replies, you will find out what is important in your life:

In your choice the first and the last are the most significant because things in the middle don't make much difference.

Sarah = Love

Jack = Moral

Martin = Money

Chris = Sex

Ed = Family
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I like "the River" the most. Does that make me a psychopath?
I'd have shagged all three..had a jolly good time then moved to the next village town to find someone without issues.:D
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