PS3 delayed for Europe


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Well that swings it for me, I was in two minds whether or not to get a 360 in time for Pro Evo 6 or just to wait for the PS3 but not now.

I'm sure it will be worth the wait but I'm not holding out for Pro Evo 6 for like 5 months!


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Ah you see, that's my problem.

With the short-sighted-ness of a blind mouse I foolishly gave my ps2 away last year and bought an Xbox after finding I preferred Pro Evo on that console.

And now it's been made virtually redundant by Konami in my eyes as I only ever play the one game.

So do I buy a PS2 for the short term and then a PS3 or go for the 360?:confused:


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I wasn't going to get one anyway. It looks like a bloody photocopier or a trouser press or something. I'm gonna have a Wii before Christmas.
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