PS22 chorus cover "Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want"

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By Uncleskinny on May 11, 2011 at 3:59 PM
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    I hadn't heard of them until pointed in their direction by a Facebook link.

    Anyway, the PS22 Chorus have done a great cover version of Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want. It's on their Blogspot page, but the Youtube link is as follows:

    From the blogspot post:

    On a whim at rehearsal today, I decided to try this song (one of my favorite songs from high school) on the PS22 Chorus, and what a perfect fit! This is "Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want" by The Smiths!

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    1. Anonymous
      Tears in my eyes watching this. Beautiful.
    2. gretchenraine
      They performed at the end of this year's Academy Awards (Oscars).
    3. Bruce Wayne
    4. dewdrop
      These kids are incredible...and the expressions on their faces suggest they must really "get" the lyrics... Wonderful...
    5. raffael
      :squiffy: :sick: just like a coca cola ad
    6. Anonymous
      just goes to show how universal that song is. beautiful.
    7. gonzax
    8. Skylarker

      Crack? A welfare check? RID anti-lice shampoo? A father?

      Help me out here....
    9. Skylarker
      This is truly a disgusting abortion of a great song.

      This song has NOTHING to do with a bunch of little ethnic statistics singing in a church while some greasy hippie hack leads them along in lobotomized unison with his acoustic guitar.

      Honestly, is NOTHING sacred anymore? Does everything have to be de-anglocized?

      Let them sing along to something they can relate to, not a classic 80s indie anthem written by a morose intellectual genius British pop icon.

      I'm sure there's enough shit out there that wouldn't suffer if it was turned into a tsunami ballad or a refugee anthem or whatever. Jesus Christ I just puked all over my keyboard, thanks a LOT.
    10. Uncleskinny
      Johnny disagrees with you. Johnny on Twitter. But hey, you made me reply. Well done.

    11. Karl Pilkington
      Karl Pilkington
      I think I agree with you, I thought it was awful. But I don't like the original that much either.
    12. Skylarker
      I wasn't trying to get you to reply, Pete, but thanks.

      And Johnny hasn't been relevant to me since the last note of I Keep Mine Hidden.
    13. Skylarker
      Well that's just crazy.

      The second part, I mean.
    14. Skylarker
      No, the expressions on their faces suggest gratefulness that an adult male is actually paying attention to them. I'm sure they are all half-stunned.
    15. Anonymous
      Has Johnny Marr left Germany again yet? From his Twitter I cannot tell. After he behaved in this bizarre, mentally ill way during the Cribs concert in Düsseldorf, I think he should have never returned and especially not been allowed to drive freely on the Autobahn. The idea to introduce border controls again is a good idea.
    16. dewdrop
      Agitating for the sake of agitating is boring. People who are writing negatively about this video are the folks who take the mufflers off their cars so they'll be heard. Or pull up to the intersection with the stereo louder than a live concert and look around to make sure people are hearing them. Attention starved. I get it. But get over it... No one cares about you...

      Especially when you're trying to shit on something beautiful just for the sake of being heard...

      The song IS crosses all boundary's a universal much so that 27 years later, an ethnic public school choir in metro NYC can deliver it with the same passion as its creator... These kids get it... There is beauty in the longing that life invites...
    17. Skylarker
      It's sad that you cannot comprehend the possibility of someone saying something contrary to your own convictions without immediately branding them an attention seeker. And you stress "no one cares about you" even as you take the time to write out this multi-paragraph response to me...

      Yes, the song is sacrosanct. No, these little ghetto kids don't get it. They get the prettiness of it, maybe, but that's not the point.

      I wrote a less than positive comment about this cover (and I use the term 'cover' very lightly) because I think the cover is shit. It has nothing to do with a deeper motive of attention seeking, or baiting people...I expressed my honest opinion because that's what these comment threads are for. And even if I did want people to hear my opinion, so do you, which voids it out, so deal with it.

      That you deem my opinion negative or hostile or that you deem me a big meanie bad guy because I call this piece of shit clip out for what it is...hey, boo hoo baby, boo hoo...
    18. Skylarker
      I'll say this: he plays guitar better than Tobias.

      But this still sucks old man balls.
    19. ariverthecolouroflead
      I'm all for programs that give children in places like NYC an outlet to express themselves, so that's absolutely great, but with that said, I also cannot stand filthy acoustic guitar strumming neo-hippies, and I think this sounds awful. No one should perform this but Morrissey or The Smiths. The only cover of this I've ever enjoyed (slightly) is the Deftones one, which still doesn't pack 1/10th of the punch of the original:

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