Morrissey Central PROOF (May 31, 2020)

I think the heat & anxiety is driving everyone slightly mad. On my Twitter timeline today Emma Kennedy is expecting mass graves in August, J K Rowling is threatening to sue Trans activists & Idles have been called out for using politics to make money while staying silent on Black Lives Matter.

It's a mess.

See also: Billy Bragg being ripped apart for posting a pic of Churchill with the text: "Antifa".

Meanwhile, the Guardian posted a balanced/nuanced profile of Woody Allen. The world is going mad!!
Morrissey, why?.
why not.its his site he can do what he wants,you have to wonder why these get put on this site,just put a link and if people want to follow the lik then that's their choice.this video was put on here by steven shorter,instead of moaning at Morrissey you should moan at mr shorter.
It was a good manifesto - if we'd been less dysfunctional (online & IRL) we might have cut through.
His budgeting seems positively conservative by today’s standards. And it was investment in.

By subsidising massive global companies, we are presently ebbing cash away.

I got the impression that not much phased Corbyn, but he must be gobsmacked by the present economic policy. And the fact that the Tories seem to be getting away with it.
Free speech
Cherry picking from tragedy and inserting himself to promote himself. It certainly is pathetic conniving opportunism.
What are you on about? It's a fanmade video that has made it onto his website, nothing more to it. You need to get out more?
By far better than the Tea Party cover.
This one is cute.
I like this one.
The girl should give some advice to that Tea Party singer.
Dom Lemon should interview him about his views on the imagery he uses to sell himself.

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