Pro Sound News Europe (via issuu): J.Chiccarelli digital interview re: recording LIHS & Morrissey

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By Famous when dead on Oct 31, 2017 at 4:49 PM
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    1. Lustman
      Thanks, really interesting
    2. Tbevie
      Fascinating stuff. Thanks for sharing.
    3. Tbevie
      So do we think there's going to be a delux version in a few months with the other 8 tracks.
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    4. Anonymous
      I was just thinking about that. Really though it makes me wonder why stdib didn’t come with a non album song or two. They could have still released a delux with six songs
    5. Tbevie
      I agree. I downloaded STDIB but didn't bother buying a physical copy. Had there been a new B-side I would have.
    6. Anonymous
      I didn’t listen to the interview but maybe the band had twenty songs but only recorded or finished recording twelve songs. Otherwise I don’t know what led to that decision
    7. Famous when dead
      Famous when dead
      Being chased out of Italy might well have curtailed a full recording session? :)
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    8. Tbevie
      He mentioned 26 demos and then 20. He also talks about the heartbreaking decision of which songs made the album and which ones where cut. So It sounds like there were more than 12 tracks in contention.
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    9. Anonymous
      I don’t know then. It just doesn’t make sense to not put a bside on a single if you have the songs especially that many. Wonder if any will get played live at any point in the future
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    10. Tbevie
      Perhaps STDIB is the only single that will have a physical release. Therefore there's no need for b-sides. Maybe the idea is to release a deluxe version in a few months like he did with YATQ.
    11. gordyboy9
      save them for the next album and bring it out in a year, we shouldn't need to wait years between albums.
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    12. Anonymous
      Here’s hoping
    13. Anonymous
      I guess if Morrissey thinks they are crap though, or just don't make the grade for whatever reason, then he might rather not release them at all. Getting people to double dip for a special edition of the same album in a few months is the obvious money maker though, so fingers crossed we'll hear them at some point.
    14. marred
      When did the deluxe 2 CD version of WP come out? After the original or the same time?
    15. marred
      But he's always releasing songs that don't make the grade. Adding out of place tracks onto re-releases for example. Safe warm, treat me like... etc...
    16. Anonymous
      I think I remember it being released at the same time. If the decision on what to cut was heart breaking it says those involved considered the songs good. Maybe famous when dead is correct and that getting run out of Italy changed the plans but I think they were in the mixing stage at that point if I’m remembering correctly
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    17. Famous when dead
      Famous when dead
      Same time I believe,
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    18. Quando quando quando
      Quando quando quando
      I thought so too.
      Hoping there will be an announcement for the bonus CD with extra tracks. But I can't wait too long.
      I want that new music, so I might be buying both.
      Think many fans are in the same situation.
    19. Erik
      Pearly Gates Closed
      Low In High School
      I Am Bully
      World Warsaw
      Me Me Me
      To Be Unannounced
      After The End

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