Previously unseen Morrissey photo Sheffield 1984

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By Bradder68 on Nov 19, 2012 at 6:29 PM
  1. Bradder68

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    Apr 28, 2010
    As posted by Kevin Cummins on Twitter today

    KCMANC Kevin Cummins 18 Nov
    Unseen photos from my archive. No.2 in a series: Morrissey #TheSmiths at Sheffield University.

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    1. Anonymous
    2. Raphael Lambach
      Raphael Lambach
      I've never seen it before but It's a great one. the it makes no difference to me.
    3. MILVA
      I certainly have seen similar ones - but that wouldn't mean this one isn't fab. The ones from UEA (Norwich Feb 1984) are similar for example, but that won't surprise anyone. Halloween's long gone, still a great treat for the frink forum ;)
    4. Carly
      This is a close up one, i have seen this exact one but it was further away.
    5. Anonymous
      Slight Subject Change.

      Interesting side note from Elvis Costello that I think rings very true in regards to Morrissey's (lack of) label situation:

      E.C.: "I think that we're getting rapidly to the point now -- when the music business is in its death throes -- that we have to accept that artists of my age and profile won't be able to make one record every two years. We'll either not record at all, so you have to come see us play to hear the new songs -- and then you can steal them, if you want that on your conscience -- or we'll record two albums a year, the way the Who did in the Sixties, for a much more reasonable amount of money, but only expect to sell as much as jazz artists. That's where rock & roll is now, and the record companies are not set up to deal with it. They have a chart that equates to selling half a million copies on every release at the very least. And they have to get over themselves . . . Just because you're able to put a record out does not make you creative".
    6. DVWMC
      There must be literally millions of previously unpublished (if that's what is meant by unseen, and I think it must be) photos of Morrissey. On peoples phones cameras and computers. Pictures of Morrissey whilst he was in The Smiths would be a lot rarer but I'm sure there will be a lot of them too.
      If you have them dig them out and post them here. It would make for a much more interesting article than this one.
    7. Guernie
      I like the way Elvis Costello thinks. Sounds very reasonable to me and would explain why Moz can NOT land the big record company contract. Maybe we could get Elvis and Moz to talk and sign a joint deal with Concord Records. They deal in Jazz .

      DVMC what article are you talking about........... I only see a great photo showing Morrissey's glorious hair !
    8. MozRecording
      Or post them to the wiki. Here's an example of what a show with some photos & ticket stubs can look like. -MR

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