Morrissey Central "Presale UK Tickets." (June 20, 2022)




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never understood pre-sale tickets,tickets go on sale on a certain day, but if you know where the nazi gold is buried then you can get them a day early.just put them out on a cartain day and then its a fair first come first served,then again the scammers now have internet bots which hoover up tickets before any normal person even presses the first digit on their phone.


He's never going to do this but giving a link to registered members of this site would be a decent thing to do.
members of this website and morrissey fans are not common populations. please also refer to his own comments about this site...


Announcement of presale now taking down from main site. Tickets on sale Thursday.


He's never going to do this but giving a link to registered members of this site would be a decent thing to do.
he never give a s**t about you and this site. he knows that he'll sold all the tickets (btw small venues, 10 gigs for 34 000 audience, ridiculous). That you're a "true fan" or not, the only thing he cares, it's the money in his bank account at the end of this " Big World Tour :cool:"..... isn't it?


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He's turning the sale of these tickets into something that it doesn't need to be
He's surely got no more of those "barber" T shirts to sell as part of any pre sale?


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I don't disagree about the comments about how he treats his fans, I'm also well aware of what he thinks about this website.

To be honest I'm getting fed up with that lack of clear information, there is no excuse in this day and age. Maybe I'm now just too old for it. We don't know the situation about the deal, he is apparently about to release a single and he tells us sod all.

I would still definitely regard myself of a massive fan of his music, I really wish I could walk away and support someone else, maybe Paul Heaton deserves more of my support. Unfortunately Morrissey's voice and song-writing capabilities still gives my goosepimples.

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Morrissey: I want the big presale glamour, like all the relevant acts. At least one day before the regular sale starts. Put this out on Central in big letters, Sam!
Ticketmaster/Eventim: Sorry but just NO, Sir!

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