Predictions for the August/September 2021 tour setlist

Ketamine Sun

Now, today, tomorrow and always
When he could’ve been playing more Dog On A Chain he played Chain Gang instead. Wrong f***ing chain Moz.

sorry (not), but I’m a fan of it,
it’s a great up tempo number live, and the way he sings it, especially the breakdown, it’s brilliant, beautiful lyrics ..,,

The powers that be
That force us to live like we do
Bring me to my knees
When I see what they've done to you

Well, I'll die as I stand here today
Knowing that deep in my heart
They'll fall to ruin one day
For making us part”

Topical, I feel, which might be his point. In the same way he chose some of the songs to cover for CS.

Ketamine Sun

Now, today, tomorrow and always
Really hoping for some Bonfire 🔥

If he doesn’t do at least one Bonfire song in Vegas or Chicago, I’ll be really really mad at him. Maybe even for one whole day!


Tempus Fugit
What songs do we predict for the third show?

I’m going to go out on a limb and say My Hurling Days Are Done, I Am Not A Dog On A Chain and/or Darling, I Hug A Pillow.


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I suspect that they'll play This Charming Man tonight. They sure as hell better make use of the fact the Alain can play it properly at some point this residency...

This Charming Bowie

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I’m still holding out hope for some new material...but it seems unlikely this far into the residency. You never know, though!
Hopefully, at the very least, we’ll have a few more surprises in the set list going forward.
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