Prediction poll: Will the sleeve for California Son feature Morrissey?

Will the sleeve for California Son feature Morrissey?

  • Yes

    Votes: 9 64.3%
  • No

    Votes: 5 35.7%

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Nah. We'll be due another compilation album sometime in the next couple of years - 'The Ultimate Collection', or some other bollocks.

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Do you think "This is Morrissey" will be the last release artwork that features Morrissey's face - at least in his lifetime?
California Son will be a take on the Beatles Sgt.Pepper record, where Morrissey will be standing amongst cardboard cutouts of all those that have inspired him over the years.

Or it will be a new photo of him heavily
photoshopped to make himself look seventeen again just to piss off skinny, surface, etc....


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I reckon it will be Morrissey decapitating uncle skinny with his other hand sticking a middle thing up to a poster of


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I reckon the sleeve will have Uncle Steve in front of his childhood home in the San Fernando Valley dunking on the same basketball hoop that is still there in the driveway. I reckon you delusional wackos aren't very smart which is a given on a website where 99.9% of the posters are a million miles away from Moz Angeles, but are you sad tosseys getting why it is actually called "California Son" in nn nnn nnnn n nnn n n din't n n n it


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And this new studio album that's supposedly coming in the next year or so... I what the logic was with the LIHS sleeve? Worried his hair is thinning...? Hopefully he'll go back to using himself in the cover. I live in hope that the LIHS deluxe edition sleeve is a sign he realised he made an error.

But with California Son being a cover album I have to guess it's going to be more in the vain of the Smiths sleeves.

Famous when dead

I think we've already seen loads of fan made ones.
Probably the best of those being:


Given the previous releases, I don't think there's any point trying to second guess at all.
Wait and see appears to be the main way things are marketed currently.


I don’t think it’ll feature his face but I think a new album of his songs will. Not based on much but hunches but that’s my guess
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