Pre nappy nap AMA


Snapping necks and cashing checks
Questions to be answered post nap.
Good day to you. I write this thread from my comfortable king sized bed in sunny Atlanta, Georgia. I have been taken off of work for exactly one week due to non COVID related medical issues. I am now on 6 different medications, one of which makes me very sleepy. That being said, I have extra time on my hands and can set the record straight on some things or answer any general questions. I warn you, I’m horribly uninteresting and the truth is never quite as intriguing as fiction.
Carry on.


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Did you ever start riding your bike to work?


team bougatsa
this is the second thread you've made like this. is there something in particular you would like to be asked? :confused:


@nothappynotsad how do you feel that your ex-boyfriend @!HIViva! pretended to be your mother on Facebook while making you think some random person on this website was responsible for it which drove you off Solo for a while?


team bougatsa
WAIT if you're so "good in the sack" why does your "very attractive girlfriend" need to coax you to ocme to bed at 2 o clock in the morning, hmmmmmm
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