Post your tattoos


human bean
Here are most of mine:

This one has my child's name and has been modified for the interwebz. :)

Moz tats:

The only one missing is this:

It balances out my red dragon.

Of course, there are always plans for more.


Smother Me Mother
Ohh I love the bat in the middle there and the cheshire cat, awesome!


human bean
Ohh I love the bat in the middle there and the cheshire cat, awesome!
My Bugs Bunny Transylvania 6-500 bat? "Hocus pocus! Now I crush you!" :D

I had always wanted that and the cartoon came on one day (pre-YouTube) so I taped it, drew the bat and took it to the tattoo parlor that week.

Just because:

I love Chuck Jones. :sweet:

The Cheshire Cat isn't exactly how I wanted it. It has no neck. I've thought about getting it fixed but I never see it so I'm not sure what the point would be, other than to assuage my OCD.

John Tenniel's Cheshire Cat clearly has a neck.

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oye terence

ampersand after ampersand
I have one sleeve, that is almost on its way to be down, I have some random ones my the other arm and I have my neck/throat inked.

Scarlet Ibis

The Chicken of D.C.
Scarlet please post your tattoo in here, thanks. :D

He was concentrating so hard (with his adorable pink tongue sticking out), yet his two Ss (esses) are still a little weird. I'm kind of glad of it though, because it looks very authentic, I think.

Scarlet Ibis

The Chicken of D.C.
I don't feel like taking a bunch of pics, I think in some pics I have posted before you could see them a little,but sure,
here is a couple,they were taken after they were done:

and this is my 'Unknown Pleasures' Joy Division one

I like them. Well thought out.


human bean
Wow I LOVE this one!! I always said if I were to get a tat it would be on the wrists, great choice in lyrics! :thumb:
And love all the bats too!
They were freshly inked in that picture. This is what they look like now:

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