Post your Morrissey artwork here


My secret's my enzyme.
Here's a mini collage of mine.



My secret's my enzyme.
I don't have a sketch, but i have a hint of morrissey on my corkboard, your collage medium.



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I just finished this...

I made it because of one sentence in nowhere fast "I think about life and I think abouth death....".
And I fugured, Morrissey wants to be a zombie.

So... there you go.

No plans on making shirts ... but I thought it would look good on one...

take care and have an outstanding evening.

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Okay so I’ll admit I kind of lost my inspiration a little bit over the last five or six months with things being so quite in Morrissey land. But now he’s back and after seeing the great man live at the Alhambra last week and hearing the new material, witch I actually like.:eek: I’m all inspired again.

I actually drew this from one of my own photos that I took at the Edinburgh Playhouse in 2008. I usually draw from other peoples live pictures because my pictures are always a bit rubbish. But I was looking through my pictures the other day and this one stood out to me for some reason. I though Moz looked quite ghostly, almost spiritual.

Because the original photo was quite shadowy and dark I decided to draw on black paper with white chalk rather than my usual style of charcoal on white paper.

Tbevie do you ever sell any of your work? would love to get my hands on something like that


Girl afraid
Tbevie do you ever sell any of your work? would love to get my hands on something like that

Hi there mozsupportsrovers . I don’t sell the original drawings because I prefer to work in quite a small scale, A4. But you can buy prints of most of my Moz drawings in different sizes from an art site call

Here’s a link to my gallery if your interested.


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Wow ..... some absoulty fantastic work here! :)

Im sure morrissey wud be delighted! :)

Its allways of interest just how much people will pay for works of art isnt it?

Just googled the most expensive painting in the world, it use to be by the american artist jackson pollock, no 5.1948 selling for $140 million dollars!!! but looks like hes been overtaken by paul Cezzane, the Card Players rumered to have sold for $250 million dollars!
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