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I don't get why my message has been moved to the board "post your morrissey artwork here" What I posted was not about something I did. I bought this item and the artist is not someone who draws for a hobby but an artist who had exhibitions worldwide and who is quite well known. And the question I asked was not about artworks by hobby drawers but about "real" artists who have been inspired by Morrissey. I did not find a board about that.
But maybe I am the only one interested in this connection. There are in fact Morrissey themed works of art that were auctioned at sothebys etc. That role that Morrissey plays in the art world and art market is what I am interested in.
Thanks, H

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Wow, it has been awhile.

This is my latest project. I've been short of funds lately and what with Christmas coming and all, I had this idea to rather than work for a living, I would print my own money.

Here is a sample:


How's that called? Mozzoneta? US$ 1 = MZ$ 3 // £1 = MZ$2,5


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Re: Morrissey related art

Hi everybody,
I got this great piece by German artist Gregor Hildebrandt.
It is an acid etching on granite. Quite heavy...
Can you think of other artists who did Morrissey related works?
I think Douglas Gordan did one...
best, h

that is just FANTASTIC.


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My secret's my enzyme.


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Love it!


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Dunno if this posted correctly last time but here's my portrait of Morrissey in his England T-shirt, completed made from paper..[/URL]
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