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Treated myself to a new record case. I needed a new one due to the many different vinyl colours of the last few albums!
I hadn't looked through my old Smiths collection for years but I always liked the German coloured releases so I took a few pics :



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I keep mine (Smiths & Moz) separate from my other cds in a box, roughly, although not perfectly in chronological order. I don't have every release, and I don't want to, but I do have every song somewhere in there. There's a few bootlegs and related stuff like the Motivators, Red Lightning and Johnny Panic too. Usual high quality pictures...

In the box:

and out of the box:



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Today I received my German Rolling Stones magazine with free cd of IAM NOT A DOG ON A CHAIN title track song. IT took forever from Germany to USA thanks to Mr Covid but I got it. Sure to be a collectors hidden treasure.......if not ,well it looks good in the collection
whip 'em out
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