Post you’re Morrissey, or any other artwork here


Girl afraid
got a camera today so that's how i managed to put em here... done a very long time ago:o


These are great. I especially like the second one, very intense. Did you use coloured pencils?

Thanks a lot for sharing these :)
thank you....
yes the second one was used with pencils... the 1st one with felt tips... done very quicky... the perspective is a bit off... well not a bit, but a lot:o

man, these sketch books were so dusty.


Back from the grave
Man, the art work that people produce is amazing. I only wish I had a talent that I could showcase. Great work everyone. I am truly envious of your skills and talent.



Really lovely stuff. I am rubbish at drawing, I have an arts based degree, but my drawing is so off... I just can't understand perspectives and stuff... I really try though...
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