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The first time his boyfriend had a meltdown on Twitter, I thought it was Bret.

Which is a clear example of a celebrity letting a loved one run riot online using their name & refusing to listen to warnings about it because they love the person.

its a scary thing to deal with. like a dissolving marriage it effects so much you just dont want to admit its happening to the both of you. i dont read twitter or anything but ive heard him mention his troubles, his boyfriends troubles, a few times in his understated matter of fact manner. he was the millennial with the pineapple tattoo i think. i didnt know much about him but he seemed full of passion about a lot of things i enjoy like music and movies (think he liked suede and perfume genius). brets had a rough go of it lately. i didnt know about his sisters passing until today. ive been keeping up more so lately cause i was so taken with the shards and have been watching the progress of the show for hbo max but this was horrible to read . hope all goes well for the both of them. viva love
We're only passing through
your trying to beat death with word-ly avalanches
Your connection with nature is broken
Yet it's the only thing in Life that matters. As you well know.
I wonder why you still cling to things you should get rid of
To become simpler
As it draws near er
To become better
Face the end better.
It's time to put down that heavy load.
You're not going to take any of that with you.
So and not for the first time we say
Leave it all bthind
Leave it all behind
Leave it all behind
Leave it all behind

Or try buying yourself a soul
at an Mporium merch stall.

We were monks.
You left.
But I only have one word to say
( well a few^)
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Pineapple is the best fruit. How could anything ever be better than pineapple? Pineapple is the bunny of fruit.
Oh dear, Oasis. You'll burn yourselves out. Sat here listening to them sing 'all I really need is cigarettes and alcohol'. All I need is VAPE and alcohol. Wise up Oasis.
* no social life frink advice artie lange awesome bitching blush bored brooms candies chat cheese with your whine? college is tough companionship complaining epiphany episiotomy friendships funny happy i think u stink just lust moaning never to be replaced rabid monkey sad suck my teeth sweet caroline wowzers
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