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I was told this morning in the hair salon that my hairdresser is ill and that they had tried to call me. They didn't leave a message on the answering machine. I didn't ask why. In the meantime, I look like Joey Ramone.

The idiot from the property management has finally contacted a cleaning company, and they will have to get up into the attic again for a cost estimate. I already know that this will take weeks if not months to be done, just a gut feeling, but usually I can trust it.
I called the local health authority to ask about the health dangers of pigeon droppings, but I noticed immediately, that I already know more about this shit than the woman at the telephone. She couldn't tell me anything new. I told her about the pigeon ticks, that they crawl into human living spaces when the pigeons are gone, but she said that she can only do something when they have already moved in. She added that these ticks die after having consumed human blood, which was a little bit of a relief, but not very much, and I replied that this is rather controversially discussed among pest experts.

So, no help from the health authorities. Maybe i will have to get up into the attic again, try to find some ticks and then send them in. We'll see.
(So.. someone I know from birth apparently recently got to sell food and chat to the very footballer who left M nixed eons ago...Thought I'd just leave that discreetly on the churchsteps :D )
Just seen the official Pretty Green video for Steve Diggles (Buzzcocks) in store appearance at Pretty Green prior to their Blackpool gig. What a top guy, he just loves playing live and puts as much effort into playing to 70 ish people as he does to a full band appearance in front of several thousand a couple of days later.

melatonin definitely made my acid reflux flare up again. i know thats what it is because it's the only thing ive done differently in the past week. i thought that it wouldnt because it's not like you're actually swallowing anything that goes into your stomach, you put it under your tongue and it becomes absorbed. but i didnt know what it was when i took it, and looking it up i find that it is "a hormone produced by the pineal gland and enterochromaffin cells which control sleep and gastrointestinal motility", and is definitely linked to acid reflux. only it's supposed to HELP acid reflux. except that everything that is supposed to help acid reflux--anatacids, proton pump inhibitors, probiotics--makes my acid reflux a thousand times worse, so it would make sense that this would too. so now not only am i sleep deprived but i cant breathe as well. what a f***ing nightmare this last couple of weeks has been. i havent been able to write at all either.
oh my f***ing god,WHAT a beauty!!!!!!!!! he has THE MOST exquisite facial expressions and mannerisms!!!!!!!!! he is a STUDY in studied exquisiteness!!!!!!! i go now to die :love: 😍 :love: 😍 :love: 😍 :love:

my ethnicity regions changed so that im now only 11% irish instead of 22%, while still being a whopping 34% icky scottish :(

on the plus side my master race dna went up to 26% while my swedish/danish dna went up to 13%
This is actually very clever by Graham Fellows for those who remember Jilted John.

Yes, it’s very clever, and very funny as well. I must have been 10 when this was in the charts 😩
Your putting years on me Surface 😬
Not sure but it was a great song at a moment in time for me. You're question is a good one though as I was massively into Buzzcocks back then(and and still am now 40 years later) so I'm not sure what punk was to be honest.
Nice to see him still on the go tho, and making a few shillings to pay for the looming Gas and Electric bill.
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