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god, it's so surreal looking madness in the face like that
me an' Ed are eating rainier cherries!!! $5 for a handful but so worth it!! i remember reality bites liked rainier cherries too. i dont tend to engage in conversations about food with anorexics as they tend to have a warped perspective thinking everything is so much more amazing than it is on account of the fact that they're starving to death, but rainier cherries really are amazing.
theres this schizophrenic customer who comes into my work who is generally a bit of an asshole/jackass (and who also once peed on our floor and tried to blame it on her cat), who lately must have gone off her meds because she's gone full mental now. she interrupted me in dealing with a customer to tell me again and again "im a hooker". when i told her i was busy and would help her in a minute she said "dont you care that im a hooker?". i was like "no". and she was like "yeah, i can tell you dont" and stomped off. then she told my other coworker that she had a nice ass. i burst out laughing when i heard that because of the parallel between her unmedicated behaviour and a certain schizophrenic of solo who also likes to tell people truthfully or not that she's a sex worker ad nauseum and to inappropriately comment on peoples asses. i wonder if that's a schizophrenia thing? can anyone confirm?
Anything is possible, in the world of a schizophrenic mind.
Commenting on people's arses could be seen as sexual harassment,and could place a person in danger if anyone took offence. Sent by God via my brain.
so an update on the schizophrenic lady. she was hauled away to the funny farm and about time! apparently she was on her balcony in nothing but a bra and depends, throwing things over the side. god, that must have been a horrific sight. what is with schizophrenic people wanted to get naked and subject decent people to that horror show?
my sister went to a medium and was apparently pretty impressed. she was telling me about all this spooky stuff the medium knew, about departed ones who were trying to get through. that stuff makes me queasy, so i just responded by asking if any of them had a message for EddY.
I saw the same bunny I saw on my front lawn last time again yesterday, and he was also in the exact same spot again. So i think he’s formally moved in under my holly tree.

I am going to keep thinking about this highly successful result and this completely unsurpassable level of CUTE-A-CIOUS-NESS in order to try to ameliorate and cleanse my mental palate of the image above. And the straw-like, singed split ends that make him look like he just crawled yesterday straight out of the fires raging in Portugal :oops:
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