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I went to Dollar General and I could hear this woman talking in the next aisle. She was complaining about the last time she had been there and how one of the clerks had treated her and how she was prepared to handle it this time. She says 'If it happens again I'm going to act ghetto. If they're going to act ghetto with me, I'll act ghetto with them." Her friend was trying to tell her to "be cool, be cool," but she was getting herself all worked up and continued her rant. You could hear her in half the store probably. Anyway, she says "Matter of fact. I won't act ghetto, I'll be ghetto. There won't be any acting."

I thought that was a great line. Of course I wound up in line behind her and got to see the whole thing which turned out to be her trying to buy a washcloth that didn't have a price tag and the clerk couldn't sell it to her based just on what she said the price was. They involved two other clerks in it until finally one went and found one with a tag to scan.

Still, whatever you're going to do, don't act it, be it.


is this some sort of parable FC off a movie FFS?

gossiping and psycho babbling FFS is your Male Model Djing.💅
a Yenta Bhagwan🧙‍♂️
btw, BGV just read on the internet that delusional male models
have perfect front tooths, he has no money for a dentist.:sick:

🇭🇷 >:hammer:

Light Housework

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Do you have a close up photo of those paintings?
Right here.


That academia edu site is a really good one to subscribe, too. In a way it's bad because they don't respect copyright and make books available without paying the authors but if you sign up and choose a book based on your interests they will email you every day with a link to another related book and I've managed to get lots of good material from them. Lots of it is public domain and original research so you can use it without guilt and if you find a book you like you can always pay for a copy.

Light Housework

useless eater
I finished the short book on Gacy, and Kindle tempted me with another quick read, on Ed Gein. Then it's the book on Egon Schiele. The Gift of Fear I'll dip into here and there. Gacy was a scumbag.
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