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Vegan Cro Spirit .777

I had a veggie burrito made by some Mexican people at a taco truck. It was so good. I wanted chili relleno but all the had was tortas, tacos, and burritos. I asked them if they like Morrissey and they all said they have the box set.

FC, did you notice a liquored up drunk rentacop security guard robocop guarding the taco truck?🦸‍♂️


God, I hope fauci goes to jail. What a repugnant little man. I knew not to trust anyone with eyes that close together (with the exception of kiri te kanawa and a certain Swedish teddy bear).


finished lolita. turned out to be a very beautiful and haunting book. humbert is definitely hilarious in a sad sack sort of way. i picture him as looking like marcello mastroianni.
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