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Born to Harangue

All aboard for funtime.
@Born to Harangue, do you play any instruments? Do you want to join my band? I'd really love to get you out of the house and I made so much money trading crypto this year that I can afford to take on a charity case. Shaking a tambourine might be good for your mental health.

That's the first genuine laugh you've given me out of the 2,607 times you've posted. A 0.038% success rate, well done.


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That's the first genuine laugh you've given me out of the 2,607 times you've posted. A 0.038% success rate, well done.
Thanks, sometimes it feels good to appeal to the lowest common denominator. It’s the humanitarian in me.

By the way, what was the name of your main account that got banned before you switched to exclusively trolling under this name?

Vegan Cro Spirit .777


theres a sucker born every minute🤒

BGV: whats the old username
FC: cant say since doxxing is bad:eyes: (specially bad if it shows its one of my swiped ones must not go there)o_O
BGV: DUH OK ill ask BTH..doh:

' guess what?'
'i made a lot of crypto for the punk rock'
Oy incredible but true. :hammer:


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When you think that you invented an object that existed way before American colonization. My grandmother drinked tea in that way, not just mate.
Maybe this is what some people mean when they say there's a younger generation of people who think history began when they were born.


Vegan Cro’s parents regret the condom splitting
41 years since Ian Curtis passed away.

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"Virtue is boring and vice is disgusting. But that which lives at the foundation of the heart is neither boring nor disgusting. The foundation of the heart is love. The heart lives only when it loves." - Valentin Tomberg, Meditations on the Tarot


my novel idea has really gotten good. i think i have something. the thing is, when you encounter a glitch you just gotta find a way around it, rather than scrape the whole thing. deborah levy wrote that "love is like war: it always finds a way". i would extend that to say that novels are like love and war: they always find a way.
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