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Cock of the north
My dad performed in all the pubs in Nottingham in the 60s. My brother and I were bombarded with black and white photographs of my dad's days when he was in the band. My dad was the singer. He reminds me a little of Morrissey because he was a very reserved person but he was a lead singer in a band. I had Morrissey as a dad! An extroverted introvert. No wonder I was susceptible to Morrissey when he came along.
“ I had Morrissey as a dad”

Sounds like a sparks song



Light Housework

useless eater
My home base psychiatrist is a tougher nut to crack. He's the one that extended me being locked up.
He's older, so his English is not as hip as my younger doctor here in the ward. Both psychiatrists are of Asian descent. But in England, Asian means middle eastern, so can I describe their lineage as oriental?


I zoom with him on Friday. Hopefully he lets me go home to be meek and paint, and clean up litter around my building.
isnt it sort of fun being in there?

i was in the mental hospital once, only for a day and a half because i was on too much ativan and went a bit nuts, and i sort of enjoyed it. there were people to talk to and a good looking bi polar boy who played the guitar and a buffet breakfast and deserts after meals. the woman in the bed next to mine was kinda scary though, but other than that i wasnt in any hurry to go home. i even asked the doctor if i could stay because i kind of liked it and he said "no you dont belong here, go home", and i said "maybe i do?!" and he said "no you dont, go home".
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